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Director Engineering – Continuous Improvement (175593) Masters / VA-VE / Associate Value Specialist (AVS) / Automotive

Sometimes a specific Talent in your leadership lineup can revolutionize results.  Yes, one person can turn the tide or take you to whole new levels!  Where do I find that such a talent, you might ask?  The answer is……RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!  We are working with a recognized “Change Agent” who was selected and promoted from his previous role of Director of Engineering to implement VAVE as the Director of Continuous Improvement in this $7.3B company.
He is a Manufacturing Leader with 20+ years of progressive global experience who leverages his comprehensive international industry knowledge with curiosity and versatility to advance products, processes and people. He is an engineering leader who delivers class leading product portfolios that provides customer and organizational value. He
Director Engineering – Continuous Improvement (175593) Masters / VA-VE / Associate Value Specialist (AVS) / Automotive
  • Gained North American market entry and OEM supplier awards, driving business growth to $600M through collaboration with business partners and customers.
  • Implemented company first products, generating $2B in global annual sales through synergizing customer needs, competitive landscape, new technology, and global R&D.
  • Co-developed globally aligned cost saving acceleration tool achieving cost savings >$30M per year.
  • Introduced VA/VE workshops in design and production phases across entire product portfolio of 9 product lines in 8 manufacturing plants
    • This yielded a profit improvement ~$2M per workshop.
  • Implemented Project Management Cockpit tool, providing transparency of project maturity to >80 North American projects
    • This simplified all of the data and consolidated into one place
    • Achieved a 15% increase in the operational efficiency of project teams.
  • Transitioned department from Expat laden group to the highly capable and effective regional team
  • Hired 5 additional high caliber engineering teams
    • Developed and empowered staff (>50 employees, 6 managers), achieving benchmark performance.
  • Established engineering alliances corporate-wide, ensuring customers received system integrated mechatronic solutions of the utmost quality.
  • Appointed as a direct report to the President to install a cost-conscious culture.
  • Influence all levels of people across the organization to see things through “new lenses” to create value opportunities
  • Implementing VA/VE Programs from Scratch
  • Developing VA/VE Training
  • Leading Cross-Functional Teams
  • Leading Ideation Events
  • Cost Improvement Without Compromising Product/Process
  • Developing Design Insights
  • Developing Manufacturing Insights
  • Competitor Feature Comparison
  • Using Should Costing Models
  • NPD (New Product Development) Stage-Gate process
  • Leading Engineering Teams
  • Fluent German (English native speaker)


  • Master of Management (MM)
  • Associate Value Specialist, AVS through the SAVE Certification Program.
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Design and Technology
  • “Trainer of the Year” – Project Management and Product Development Process
  • “Leading Leaders” International Leadership Development Program
  • “Negotiation Skills” University of Michigan (Ross Business School – executive MBA course).
  • “Management II” University of Michigan (Ross Business School – executive MBA course).
  • Junior Executive Development Program