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Production/Process Manager (221100) MBA, Masters, Green Belt, PMP / Automotive, Equip Mfg., Packaging, Component Mfg., / Machining, Fabrication, Assembly / Will relocate

Transformational manufacturing leader with 17 years of progressive experience. Along with his roles, he also advanced his education as he has a Masters, an MBA, a Bachelors, and an Associates degree. He is a Six Sigma Green Belt and is enrolled to take his PMP Certification test. His career success demonstrates his knowledge in operations, planning, and problem-solving. He is described as an out-of-the-box solution driver and a quick learner who is adaptable and focused on metrics. This is demonstrated by the long list of process improvements in his resume.

He is interested in growing his skills and focusing them on process improvement in a larger company. This mid-career Game Changer’s progressive experience, education, union operations background, and process improvement successes make him a great candidate for your consideration. He is willing to relocate for the right role. His notable experience includes:

• Created subassembly builds to reduce production time on final assembly by 25%.
• Created Lean Lines across product lines to increase output.
• Used TAKT time to complete machine builds in 40-hr blocks allowing a team of 4 builders to build and complete a machine in 2 weeks.
• Implemented tiered skill levels, created a skills matrix, and adjusted the pay scale resulting in a retention increase of 50%.
• Implemented a daily parts shortage walk with the inventory and purchasing teams to update BOMs and the visual aide document on each machine on the floor.
o This action drove down repurchasing by 10%.
• Implemented a staging area for machines to be prepped prior to bringing to the floor by hiring an inventory specialist to gather and separate parts from the warehouse only skids and carts which resulted in decreasing non-prod time for my direct reports by 20%.
• Created SOPs for assembly processes in rough assembly driving down quality issues regarding building errors by 50%.
• Set up lean lines for one-piece flow across the various instrument lines resulting in
o Output increases of 25% per day
o Reducing overtime in the department to under 10%.
• Implemented problem-solving training and documentation with actions and dates using a Kaizen event.
• Created a one-piece line flow for assembly resulting in a throughput output of 25% per shift.
• Hired a document control associate to create SOPs for the department as well as install computers at each station displaying prints and SOPs for the associates to reference.
o This decreased incorrect builds by over 75%.
o This process led to moving the entire production line to the company’s China plant.
• Created and implemented Lean Daily Management System boards for standup meetings throughout the entire North campus. These SQDC boards became a best practice.
• Championed a Kaizen event to create a “supermarket” of machines to run family of parts as a line where raw material begins and ends within hours instead of weeks.
o This reduced WIP by 50% on the site floor.
• Went through Green Belt training and utilized this for a Kaizen event to eliminate the bottleneck on the production line.
o The project dove into the CNC’s that were not able to TAKT to the rest of the line.
o The end result was adding an automated conveyor to remove finished product, install a sensor to check for dimensions, and decrease a dwell in the program.
o This shaved 1.5 seconds from the program.
o Resulted in an increase of 1800 engine valves per shift.
• Machining Operations
• Metal Manufacturing
• Assembly Operations
• Heat Treat Operations
• Union Operations
• Aerospace Mfg.
• Packaging Mfg.
• Fluid solutions Mfg.
• Industrial Ovens
• CNC Equipment
• Conveyers
• Injection Molding
• Compressors
• Equipment Design
• Equipment Process Calculations
• Equipment Procurement
• Equipment Layout
• Equipment Commissioning
• Work Planning
• Handling Grievances
• Creating SOPs / Ensuring Compliance
• Process Safety Management
• Leading Problem-Solving Teams
• Using Statistical Process Control
• Analyzing Plant Data
• Monitoring Data Collection
• Troubleshooting Unit Processes
• Optimizing Operating Units / Processes
• Increasing Yield
• Training Operators on SOPs
• Effectively Managing Production Resources
• Reducing Operation Costs
• Enforcing EHS Standards
• Using Six Sigma Projects / Tools
• Troubleshooting Equipment
• Implementing System Upgrades
• Increasing Production Capacity
• Creating Project Specifications
• Capital Project Execution
• Compliance with Labor Agreements
• Managing Multiple Projects
• Working with Plant Maintenance
• BOMs
• Budget and planning strategies
• Implementing Lean Manufacturing
• Repair Operations
• Working in a Process Safety Environment
• TAKT Time
• Technical Document Review
• Preventative Maintenance
• Using Root Cause Analysis
• Environmental Compliance
• Leading Manufacturing Teams
• Optimizing Labor Utilization
• Meeting Production Goals/Schedules
• Using ERP Systems
• Implementing Lean / Six Sigma Methods
• Taking Cost Out
• Improving Manufacturing Methods

• Master of Arts, Organizational Management Dec. 2013 / Ashford University, Clinton, IA / Specializing in Project Management / Enrolled to take PMP Certification Test
• Master of Business Administration / Aug. 2011 / Lake Erie College, Painesville, OH / Accelerated program
• Bachelor of Science, Business Administration / May 2009 / Lake Erie College, Painesville, OH / Major: Business Management & International Business
• Associate of Science / May 2005 / Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, OH / Dean’s List