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Quality Manufacturing Engineer (126689) BSME / Certified Registrar for ISO 9001 and TS 16949 / Multiple Industries

If you looked the definition of AWESOME QUALITY, then you find his picture! He is a Manufacturing Quality Professional and a Mechanical Engineer with one impressive track record! He is highly trained in his craft and has many industry trainings and certifications under his belt. He has used these tools to great effect whether working in a contract role or in a perm position for his employers!

His manufacturing and process experience is broad just like the cost savings and improvements that he has made! He has held dual roles as a Quality Engineer and as a Manufacturing Engineer so he has the ability to merge the two to achieve impressive results! He is actively pursuing a new opportunity after a loss of military contracts led to a major personnel reduction. It is not often that we see a Quality Talent who brings so much to the table become available in a hot market. This extreme talent’s resume speaks for itself! His extraordinary experience includes:

Spent 5 years as an external Lead Auditor for an AIAG Certified Registrar for ISO 9001 and TS 16949 and performed over 450 audits for automotive and non-automotive quality system certifications.
• Led teams on improvement projects that increased productivity, scrap reduction, new cell layouts for reduced work-in-process travel, and improved gauging along with equipment and tooling cost savings.
• Supplier Quality Engineer that improved suppliers’ quality, gauging, delivery, and quality management systems.
• 20+ years’ experience as a Manufacturing/Quality Engineer providing production, training & quality support.
Successful in resolving quality problems with 55 active suppliers for non-conforming parts.
Completed 31 ideas for reducing scrap, better part quality, and process documentation improving on-time-delivery
Audited all 251 production-related operators to verify ISO-9000 knowledge, job training & readiness for being audited
• Coordinated completion of Ford Q1 Documentation required to regain the Q1 talking with Ford after we lost it for quality and documentation issues.
• Redeveloped to Ford Standards the Process Flow, PFMEA, Control Plan,1st Pc Verification Sheets.
Completed over 100 customer complaint corrective actions that had not been addressed for some length of time.
• Completed 6-Sigma-Based project for motor frame machining line improving productivity by 21%, scrap reduction by 32%, tooling cost by 29%, and machine tool life by 31%.
• Completed project with CNC Process Engineers to reduce cycle times by 14% with new style tools and tool holders, improved coolant flow, program changes, and improved cell layout. The new layout reduced the distance of travel & motion.
Performed over 450 Quality Management System certification audits in Mexico, Canada, and USA facilities
• Completed the relocation of the PM/DC motor product line from the Rochester, NY facility to the Juarez, Mexico facility generating $5M plus annual savings.
Redesigned tooling to downsize from three to two assembly lines. (Savings of $350K/year)
• Revamped preventive maintenance activities reducing downtime by 21% and overtime by 11%.
• Managed quality and mfg. for the relocation, training, and implementation of electronic motion control products from domestic and European countries to the West Indies island of St. Kitts for annual savings of over $3M per year.
Reduced costs with die casting, machining, and component suppliers by improving their quality, and delivery
o Saved $28,027 annually
o Gained new customers through price reductions
o 14% less customer returns.
• Spearheaded p.c. board, and sub-assembly of components outsourcing to suppliers resulting in $51K annual savings.
Reduced assembly time by 25% and quality rejects by 11% with help from a team of operators & new assembly fixtures.
• Implemented UV-curing adhesives reducing product lead time by 1 day, assembly time by 25% and scrap by 43%.
Increased production by 12.7%, quality by 8.5%, and improved ergonomics to eliminate Carpal-Tunnel injuries.
• Reduced model changeover time by 14% by working with a team of operators for continuous improvements.
• Increased wheel production by 18.4% and quality by 8.7% by working with a team of operators.
• Implemented a new preventive maintenance program working with maintenance people gaining 22% more uptime.
• Designed, developed, and implemented new alignment tooling for rotor assembly increasing output by 11%.
• Managed Maintenance Department in motors plant with 3 shifts lowering overtime by 18% and implemented new preventive maintenance activities that reduced equipment downtime by 13% and maintenance work orders by 16%.
• Implemented a team of toolmakers to review all machine prints for accuracy, proper materials, and mating piece tolerances prior to authorizing work on projects reducing remakes and scrap by 21% and unnecessary labor and machine time costs by approx. 17%.

• Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Purdue University
• ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 9001:2015
• TS 16949:2009 and IATF 16949:2016


• ISO/QS-9000:1998 Lead Auditor Certification from AIAG
• ISO-9000:2000 Lead Auditor Certification from RAB/ANAB
• ISO/TS-16949:2002 Lead Auditor Certification from IAOB
• Supervisor and Labor Relations Training.
• Automotive Electrical Systems
• Statistical Process Control
• Production Equipment Validation
• Machine and Tool Design and Drafting
• Shanin Failure Mode Analysis
• Taguchi Experimentation
• Design of Experiments
• Kaizen
• Six Sigma Yellow Belt
• Design for Assembly
• Design for Manufacturability
• Synchronous Manufacturing
• Single-Piece Flow Manufacturing
• SMED for Quick Product / Production Changeovers
• Holshin Problem Solving and Solution
• MSA (Measurement System Analysis)
• DFMEA (Design Failure Mode & Effects Analysis)
• PFMEA (Production Failure Mode & Effects Analysis)
• APQP (Advanced Product & Quality Planning)
• PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)
• QSA (Quality System Analysis)