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VAVE DtV Director (175638) Mechanical Engineer/ Green Belt / PMP / Certified Value Specialist (CVS)

Wondering how you can wring more profit from every department you have?  We are working with a talent that can do just that!  This results-driven engineer offering 19+ years of diverse experience in the manufacturing industry. He has a Masters degree and is a Mechanical Engineer. is a CERTIFIED VALUE SPECIALIST (CVS) / VAVE thru SAVE International® ; a CERTIFIED LEAN SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT; and a CERTIFIED PMP – Project Management Professional. He is highly skilled and formally trained in VAVE and DtV methods


Lead VAVE DtV Leader (175638) Mechanical Engineer/ Green Belt / PMP / Certified Value Specialist (CVS)


Improve every area of your manufacturing operations and put in this impressive mid-career leader who is guaranteed to make good things happen!   Call 724 814 3791 or email at

He has:

• CERTIFIED VALUE SPECIALIST (CVS) / VAVE – SAVE International® Value Methodology – Mount Royal, NJ
CERTIFIED PMP – Cummins University
• Created the DFM and DFA universal ideas cheat sheet for VAVE design implementation
• Created product functions analysis example cheat sheet for VAVE Events
• Created VAVE Kickoff Presentation template
• Created VAVE Pre-Work checklist (RACI)
• Created Cost/Function Pareto Chart
• Created VAVE workshop report out presentation template for Sr. Leadership.
• Created VAVE participant training presentation
• I lead a team of 3 VAVE team members
• Trained at Save International in Houston and received CVS certification
• Trained in DtV  Certified (Halliburton Version)
• Led 23 DtV projects on future products
     o Averaging 20% on all projects through design changes
• Implemented VAVE program from scratch
• Developed VAVE training. Trained 253 people in the company.
• VAVE Projects – Performed 35 projects within aggressive 11- month timeframe while maintaining quality standards by prioritizing and leading team to implement cost reduction initiatives.
     o Realized $65M in cost savings
• Lead 89 VA/VE workshop/events to date
o Delivered all designs at target cost, with proven structural integrity, on time, and with completely accurate release timing, print, and BOM
• Lead cross functional VAVE team with supply chain, manufacturing and purchasing to meet project objectives
o Created VAVE training materials
o Led VAVE training
o Led 2 VAVE projects for Dodge and Nissan
   o Saved $21M annually
• Liaise with Supplier(s), Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Testing, and Applications / Service groups to ensure efficient VAVE product design that meets customer needs.
• Establish VAVE project plans, tasks, schedules and priorities for automotive GPS Navigation radios.
Facilitating 7 VAVE projects with technology, manufacturing and supply chain
     o Led cross functional teams
     o Resulting in 22% savings for Honda and Toyota
     o Resulted in 18% cost savings for Ford and GM
• Creatively brainstormed VAVE product design improvement ideas for the existing iron and steel thermocouple sensors resulting in reduced product cost by $575k.
• Worked with Sales Department to organize VAVE product seminars and hands on Application workshops with Heraeus technology, US Steel and Mittal Steel US
• Implementing VA/VE Programs from Scratch
• Management by Influence
• Developing VA/VE Training/Materials
• Training Teams On VA/VE
• Identifying Design to Value Projects
• Including Suppliers On VA/VE Projects
• Managing Multiple VA/VE Projects
• Project & Program Management
• Technical Team Building
• New Product Development
• Customer Relationship Management
• Project Definition & RFQ Creation
• NPV & VPI Engineering Management
• Agile/Phase-Gate
• Using Design to Value Tools (COVA)
• Leading Benchmarking Events
• Leading Ideation Events
• Selecting Components for Evaluation
• Using Clean Sheet Cost Buildup –
• Using Lifecycle Cost Analysis on a Project
• Linear Performance Pricing
• Developing Customer Insights
• Competitive Cost Analysis
• Cost Improvement Without Compromising Product/Process
• Total Cost Analysis
• Maximization of Product Value
• Price/Value Analysis
• Make/Buy Analysis
• Customer Segmentation
• Leveraging Supplier Input / Relationships
• Developing Design Insights
• Developing Manufacturing Insights
• Using Focus Groups
• Competitor Feature Comparison
• ConJoint Analysis
• Developing Supply Insights
• Profiling Competitors
• Using Survey Tools
• Using Competitor Teardowns
• Linear Performance Pricing
• Best of Benchmark
• Using CBOMs
• Using Value Stream Analysis on a Project



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