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Manufacturing Manager (112020) Machining, Injection Molding, Metal Mfg, Fabrication, Assembly / Automotive, Steel / Will Relo

Manufacturing Professional with 20 + years of experience across multiple industries including Automotive, Steel, Metal Fabrication, Machine Building, and Plastics. He has an AS in Engineering and BS in Technical Management and is Lean Six Sigma trained. He has led union manufacturing teams and his experience includes machining, injection molding, and extrusion operations. He has an impressive track record of process improvements, using technology upgrades, and achieving cost savings through Value Stream Analysis, 5S, TPM, SMED, and Lean Concepts and Methodologies. His multi-industry success and experience display his versatility in adapting and overcoming challenges. He is willing to relocate and his notable experience includes:

Managed manufacturing facility move from Medford, MA to Ravenna, OH.
• Oversaw and managed the installation and setup of a $1.6M powder coat line including gas improvements and ventilation requirements
• Researched and recommended a CAPEX plan for a new cold saw to eliminate multiple operations saving 45% on processing costs for high-volume barrel bar products
Improved on-time to promise from less than 50% to better than 80%.
Achieved 100% on-time to promise on Capital Machine orders
• Raised actual run time vs standard run time from 68% to 88% saving over $250K year to date
• Worked with Engineering, CNC Operators and Programmers to realize cost savings for billet and cast worms
Improved on-time delivery from 63% to 91%
Responsible for changing the production floor culture from one of waste and inefficiency to one of a Lean and 5S culture
• Played a key role in a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) that led to
o An overall increase in margin from -5% to a positive 30%
o Reducing lead time from 4 months to 25 days

o Improved production capacity and efficiency by moving the product into the flow
o Reduced lead time from 90 days to under 30 days
• Achieved 100% on-time delivery to all Customers with no expediting charges

Eliminated all visual sorting from fully automated machinery by installing vision system to insure 100%-part quality
Achieved 100% automated production on mold machines by installing sprue pickers, sorters, and gate cutters in-line with mold machines
• Along with Quality Manager, maintained ISO14001, and TS169469, Achieved Ford’s Q1 rating, and eliminated 98% of all Customer Rejects and Complaints

• Machining Operations
• Molding Operations
• Metal Manufacturing
• Assembly Operations
• Repair Operations
• Union Operations
• Industrial Ovens
• Extruders
• CNC Equipment
• Conveyors
• Injection Molding
• Consumer Goods Assy/MFG
• Machining various
• Rail Infrastructure
• Machine Building-
• Metal Fab and Finishing

• Creating SOPs / Ensuring Compliance
• Takt-Time/Cycle Time
• Using Statistical Process Control
• Reducing Operation Costs
• Increasing Yield
• Analyzing Plant Data
• Monitoring Data Collection
• Optimizing Operating Units /
• Leading Problem Solving Teams
• Training Operators on SOPs, Policies
• Effectively Managing Production Resources
• Enforcing EHS Standards
• Using Six Sigma Projects / Tools
• Troubleshooting Equipment
• Creating Project Specifications
• Capital Project Execution
• Relocation & Plant Layout
• Managing Multiple Projects
• Increasing Production Capacity
• Taking Cost Out
• Implementing Lean / Six Sigma Methods
• Budget and planning strategies
• Preventative Maintenance
• Design of Experiments DOE
• Leading Manufacturing Teams
• Meeting Production Goals/Schedules
• Improving Manufacturing Methods


Bachelor of Technical Management (Operations) (with Honors)
• AAS – Industrial Engineering Technologies (with Honors)
• Advanced Safety Training Course
• SCT OSHA Safety Training
• Villanova University – Lean/Six Sigma Certification
• Electric Injection Mold Machine Maintenance Certification from Sumitomo Plastics
• Plastics Processing Certification from Sumitomo Plastics