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Reliability Manager (111807) MBA / Masters Engineering / Green Belt / Chemicals / Will relocate US

Kentucky based Maintenance Manager and Reliability Manager with over 20+ years in maintenance and reliability operations in chemical, packaging, and insulation industries. She has an MBA, a Masters in Engineering Management, and is a Six Sigma Green Belt. She previously was the North American Reliability Manager for a Global Chemical company overseeing maintenance and reliability processes for 27 sites. She has managed CAPEX project budgets of up to $100M. Her experience and track record are in a word, IMPRESSIVE. She has worked in several chemical sectors including refineries, chemical plants, and materials. Her resume reflects broad skill sets and progressive accomplishments.

She has mentored long-tenured reactive maintenance groups in her last 3 jobs and moved them into preventative/predictive programs successfully! She can quickly articulate her experience and successes in detail. She has also worked with unionized plants. This Game Changer candidate is a real find and you better move quickly to interview before she is gone! Her history includes:

Project Management direct budget responsibility for projects up to $100MM.
• Project Management Scheduling
• Maintenance Budgetary cost savings annually $175,000 by reviewing charges, closing blanket POs, ordering process for Maintenance consumables, reduction of expediting costs by 50% in 5 mos
• Project Management personally of $4 million budget (Environmental with permitting, Building Security, 3 new building extensions and stormwater runoff with new ponds, culverts)
• Planned Maintenance TPM Pillar Leader –
o 2016 baseline was 34% implementation. Year-End was 63.3% implementation score vs the assessment.
Critical Equipment downtime baseline was 15% of total downtime –
     o YTD is 1.5% total downtime due to consolidation of PMs, pre-PM walkthroughs with Operations, and planning for the total downtime.
• Develop, implement, and sustain the Dow Global Maintenance and Improve Reliability Processes for the 27 sites.
     o Includes Critical Equipment Lists and Spares, Facility Maintenance Strategies, Equipment Maintenance Strategies and PPM programs
• Implement the Risk-Based Mechanical Integrity program developed by Corporate for 27 sites.
o Review all inspections completed,
o Generates the repair or action plan to correct any inspection discrepancies.
• Identification of PPM/PdM improvement opportunities for all 27 sites on critical equipment within each site.
     o Includes the development of vibration routes on rotating equipment and mechanical equipment.
     o Review all completed inspections, develops any repair or action plans to correct the inspection discrepancies.
o KPI metrics for PPM/PdM effectiveness, repair and action plans, and MTBF.
• Weibull and Reliability Modeling development for critical equipment for determination of life expectancy, MTBF, and rebuilds.
Implement the Risk-Based Mechanical Integrity program developed by Corporate for over 700 pieces of equipment
• Revitalize MP2 program to meet the RBMI program and to calculate Maintenance and Reliability Metrics
Reviewed 100% of all the PMs and added over 200 additional tasks to meet the internal Rohm and Haas EHS 536 standard.
• Indirect supervision of the Maintenance department for PPMs (electrical and mechanical) – very little PPMs done –
     o Increased reliability from 85% to over 95%
• Developed and implemented maintenance strategies for critical equipment
     o Improved productivity from 83% to 87% due to better-planned shutdowns
• Setup and implemented vibration analysis, IR and ultrasonic routes, and the software database for analysis for over 200 pieces of equipment.
• Implementation of Lean Manufacturing at 1000 person site without a budget.
o Requested unofficial leaders from workgroups and trained them to be trainers for the simulation, lead Kaizen events, and work with the leadership team for setting metrics.
     o Performed 23 Kaizen events and 5 Value Stream Maps in a year.
• Oversee the Predictive Maintenance program for the Manufacturing equipment (400+equipment)
• Green Belt Six Sigma –
     o Increased throughput of the production line by 37%.
     o Certification completed 11/01
     o Cost savings of $189,000/yr
• Supervise/oversee 12 maintenance personnel
• Combined all satellite spare parts stores, implemented barcoding for inventory check-in/check-out and physical counts.
     o Cost Savings was $150,000 for 2000.
• Transition Project Leader – Lead transition team at the plant to move 4 presses, tooling, and dies and support equipment to Mexico.
     o Project completed 4 weeks ahead of schedule with budgetary savings of $100,000.


Master of Business Administration Degree, Southern Illinois University
Master of Science Degree Engineering Management, University of Southwestern Louisiana,
Bachelor of Science Degree Petroleum Engineering, University of Missouri