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GE Trained Operations / Maintenance Leader (192892) Green Belt, BS, Turbines / Rotational Equipment

GE Maintenance Professional who leverages experience developing CAPEX projects, streamlining, and implementing practices, policies, and procedures, while utilizing KPIs to ensure quality in plant operations, and maintenance. He is a Six Sigma Green Belt. He managed services and tooling centers for GE in the Americas. He has only worked for 2 companies in his career. He is looking for an opportunity to use his equipment experience, CAPEX project management, and maintenance skills in a perm role where he does not have to travel. He is single, renting, and willing to relocate His notable experience includes:

Lead teams of turbine mechanics at customer sites globally in the disassembly, inspection, and repair of GE Frame 7 Gas Turbine engines. This includes minor repairs, Hot Gas Path replacement, and Major overhauls.
• Managed $14M CAPEX projects a year.
o Led the effort to design a better support system for performing the work and the team designed, built, and tested a stand system that proved reliable and effective.
o The new solution was implemented in September 2019 and there have been no incidents or issues on the 28 jobs that have been executed since.
• Led a team of 25 to 40 direct.
Managed 150 plus Field Engineers and Technical Advisors in the installation and maintenance of GE LM2500, LM6000, and LMS100 for North America, South America, and Canada,
• including all personnel-related issues up to and including work visa applications, immigration, and customs clearances.
Updated installation and commissioning procedures to have newly installed turbines oriented to acknowledge control tests that proved that an auxiliary cooling fan on the towers with doors facing downwind eliminated failures.
o Installed fans on all the affected turbines and saved $1.6 million annually.
• Plant improved in every metric and had a less than 1% forced outage rate, zero environmental events, and achieved three years without a loss-time injury.
• Supervised operations of the plant; scheduled, tracked, and evaluated employees.
• Administered power purchase agreements.
• Operational Excellence – Spearheads and supports projects or teams planning, managing, and executing initiatives to achieve targeted objectives. Champions develops and sustain a culture of continuous improvement. Aligns people and processes to effectively attain measurables in workforce utilization, safety, and vendor relationships that increase efficiencies and net profits.
• Process Improvements – Develops and trains support staff to ensure the best efficiency protocols are followed to reduce expenses.
• Multi-site Management – Multi-site leader that exploits opportunities to enable teams to implement best practices across the business wherever possible to accelerate improvement and engagement among site contributors.

Six Sigma Green Belt
• Developing Capital Project Budgets
• Reliability Engineering 10 years
• Maintenance 20 years

• Eliminating Work Order Backlogs
• Mechanical Integrity Maintenance Training
• Mechanical Integrity Programs
Leading Teams / Indirect 150, Direct 30+
• Process Safety Management (PSM)
• Reducing Mechanical Breakdowns
• Maintaining ASME Certifications On Pressure Vessels
• Maintaining Mechanical Integrity Documentation
• Maintaining Process Equipment Inspection Documentation
• Maintaining Service Documentation
• Asset Integrity Management systems
• Thermography
• Vibration Fatigue Analysis, alignment
• Cogeneration Powerplant Maintenance
• Multicraft Maintenance
• Multi-plant Maintenance Operations
• Large Equipment Refurbishment
• Dismantling / Moving Equipment
• Equipment Commissioning
• Resolving Recurring Downtime Issues
• Troubleshooting Equipment
• Improving Asset Efficiency
• Improving Mechanical Integrity / Uptime
• Computerized Maintenance Management Software
• Electro-pneumatic / Pneumatic Controls
• Large Equipment Refurbishment
• Equipment Commissioning
• Resolving Recurring Downtime Issues
• Improving Mechanical Integrity / Uptime
• CMMS Maximo
• ASME Codes
• Minitab
• Continuous Improvement Programs
• Design Review of MOC / Technical Documents
• Implementing Lean
• ISO9000
• OSHA Regulations
• Lockout / Tagout
• Planning / Executing Turnarounds


Bachelors of Power Generation

• Dale Carnegie Management Course Graduate

• Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt)