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Civil – Environmental Engineer (210323) Masters Environmental w Bachelors – Civil / Refinery, Mines / Production, Project, EHS Management

How about an engineering talent that can run/build improvement projects and keep your plant site environmentally compliant at the same time? He is a skilled self-starter with extensive experience in operations management, environmental compliance, and developing, designing, and managing large-scale technical projects. He achieves and maintains compliance with air, waste, water, and SPCC regulations. Demonstrated track record of effectively leading both technical and production teams in a wide variety of applications! His experience includes mining and chemical operations. He has served as an effective team member and project manager of several process improvement, design, and construction projects.

• Program Lead: Programs include Contentious Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS), Stack Testing, Emissions Inventory, Toxic Release Reporting, Campbell’s Branch Landfill, RICE MACT, and Heater Boiler MACT.
• Eliminated the need for RICE MACT applicable engines in the refinery resulting in $144,000 annual savings.
• Redesign Cambell Branch landfill closure plan, reduced closure cost by $18MM.
• Optimize flare fuel gas usage while maintain compliance with MACT CC requirements. Estimated savings of $800M/year.
• Developed a stream mixing zone project to eliminate the need for passive bioreactors when appropriate.
o Results – $225M savings for each bioreactor constructed, increased overall produced BTU value by 500 BTU/ton,
o Developed a method to produce higher quality sub-rash coal which increased revenue up to $250M/month,
o Created a production tracking app that can be used on company iPhones and iPads to generate an on shift real time production report.
• Permitting – Worked with engineering team on project permitting actions. Responsible for obtaining permits from the
o West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection,
o Army Core of Engineers,
o Miners Safety and Health Administration
o West Virginia Forestry Department.

• Air Compliance
• 40 CFR Part 60, 63, 75
• RCRA/Waste
• Water/NPDES
• Project management
• Civil Engineering
• Production management
• Production engineering
• Environmental engineering
• Permitting
• Process improvement
• Cost benefit analysis
• Capitol budgeting
• Forecasting
• Modeling

• MS Environmental Engineering / Marshall University, Huntington, WV 2016
• BS Civil Engineering Technology / West Virginia Institute of Technology, [Montgomery, WV] 2011