Finding the right person or the right company is hard work. Trust the professionals at Omega Point Partners to take the time to do it the right way with a process that’s yielded thousands of success stories.

    Identify Client Needs:

    Create a profile of the position and the ideal candidate

  • Position: Determine scope, compensation, territory, responsibilities, percent of travel, expectations, training, etc
  • Candidate: Refine required experience and skills, personality fit, educational background

    Clarify The Hiring Process:

  • Timeline: What is the target start date for the candidate?
  • Dialogue: Establish a target number of phone and/or face-to-face interviews necessary to make a hiring decision. Ascertain communication plan and interview process.

    Craft Search Strategy:

    Identify targets to fill the positions

  • Companies: Research key companies that have candidates with relevant experience.
  • Candidates: Develop a list of contacts that can refer qualified individuals for the position.
  • Passive Candidates – We continually call and identify passive candidates who are already employed, yet, interested in opportunities.

    Carry Out Search:

  • Reach out to targeted network/companies/contacts
  • Conduct in-depth candidate telephone interviews using behavioral-based question to ascertain three crucial qualifying factors: a) Do they have the appropriate background? b) Are they willing to change jobs for the right company? c) Do their goals match yours?

    Candidate Selection:

  • Prepare a short list of the “best” candidates most suitably matched to the position, and company culture for final interviews
  • Submit resumes and analysis of qualifying interviews with selected candidates
  • Arrange interviews with you.
  • Set up candidates for first interview, including briefing on your goals & priorities.
  • Prepare you for first interview with emphasis on candidate’s goals & aspirations.
    Debrief candidate after interview.
  • Debrief you and present preliminary conclusions. Professionally release any candidates you do not wish to pursue.
  • Conduct in-depth reference checks.
  • Arrange second interviews and discuss any areas of concern.
  • Debrief both you and the candidates

    Construct & Present Offer For Employment:

  • Collaborate to develop an acceptable offer of employment
  • Direct compensation: base pay, target bonus, sign-on, and relocation expense
  • Indirect compensation: Vacation time, benefits, stock options/grants / equity
  • Support candidates and clients as they navigate past roadblocks and unanticipated challenges

    Determine Start Date:

  • Prepare the candidate for resigning from their current employer

    Acceptance & Follow-up:

  • Confirm acceptance of offer and discuss on-boarding strategy
  • Remain in contact with you and candidate through start date and initial phases of new job.