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Vice President Engineering (165078) Masters ME / PMP / Lean Manufacturing / Willing to relocate

VP Engineering with a strong track record of contributions in all areas of Business management including Engineering, VA/VE Program Management, Quality, Operations, and General Management. He has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and is a Certified PMP Program Management Professional.  He achieved an impressive track record of results for companies like Parker Hannifin, Goodyear and Meggitt. He has created VAVE programs from scratch and implemented training programs for both engineering teams and vendors to maximize the results. He has used VA/VE to improve manufacturing processes, successfully substitute materials, engineer new products, and optimize/improve existing ones. This all adds up to BIG bottom-line savings!  He is highly recommended from bosses, direct reports, and industry colleagues. He has led international teams of 300+ engineers.  His impressive background includes:


Vice President Engineering (165078) Masters ME / PMP / Lean Manufacturing / Willing to relocate


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  • Lead team of 300+ engineers, technicians, and designers, from US, UK, and India covering all disciplines to support NPI from proposal thru aircraft certification, R&T and sustaining engineering for functional support and aftermarket programs. 
  • Reorganized the Engineering department and implemented a new KPI metrics/governance process to drastically improve performance, employee engagement, attrition rate, and project execution while navigating thru an unprecedented period of NPI activity.
  • Played key role in winning 4 major programs including 2 for new product lines
  • Led team of +80 engineers from Twinsburg and newly acquired Power Distribution /Integrated Cockpit Solutions division from Eaton in Sarasota, Florida covering all facets of NPI, R&T, and total product lifecycle support.
  •  Implemented a formal VA/VE program i
    o Created a dedicated team, creating a documented process.
    o Chose to focus on electronic control units with a $90M spend
    o We took this outsourced component and we transitioned supply to a new vendor
    o Substituted lower cost military parts and replaced aerospace components.
    o Identified changes to manufacturing processes without comprising quality
    o Saved $30M as a result of this project
  • Performed teardowns on competitor’s products.
    o We targeted servo valves for teardown.
    o This enabled us to create prototypes, test, and fine-tune the design for manufacturing.
    o This led to many different approaches and reduce the number of steps in the manufacturing processes
    o We were also able to reduce costs significantly on raw material and processes.
    o This exercise allowed us to create the most responsive valve in the market.
    • Developed/recognized for new Career Development process which was standardized across Meggitt.
    • Developed and implemented VA/VE Training
    o Focused on Engineering Leads and Manufacturing Leads for the initial training
    o Created 2 days of VA/VE training following by 3 days of actual hands on doing.
    o Performed UK and US and rotated 4 different products.
  • Implemented new NPI and R&T eStage-gate process with standard worksheets and tracking metrics using Agile principles aimed at improving velocity and productivity
    • Introduced suppliers to VA/VE training
    • Working with Suppliers On VA/VE Projects
    o Using an iterative design approach, we engaged with suppliers on quoting,
    o We then took a concurrent engineering approach to reduce initial quoted pricing
  • Responsible for development of new non-aerospace business unit with specific focus on wind turbine braking systems covering business / product development and operational planning.
    • Secured funding grants from State and Federal governments. We obtained a $1M grant from the state of OH to develop.
    • Submitted five new invention disclosures for new innovative products.
    • Established business relationships with GE, Vestas and GET (first product launch in 2009).
  • Initiating / managing multiple VA/VE Programs
    • Driving Technology and Procurement Strategies
    • VA/VE Ideation/cost-benefit business cases
    • NPD (New Product Development) Stage-Gate process
    • Developing VA/VE Training (Internal/Suppliers)
    • Product Innovation / Design
    • Applying Engineering Theory to Problems
    • Highly Engineered Product Projects
    • Risk Management
    • Project Earned Value Management
    • Concurrent Engineering Processes
    • Target Costing
    • Defining Customer Value Proposition
    • Equipment Teardown / Analysis
    • Competitor analysis / Benchmarking
    • Reverse Engineering / Optimization
    • Design for Manufacturing & Assembly
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • R&D SG&A Costs
    • Using Focus Groups
    • Cost Driver Analysis
    • Requirements Management
    • Lifecycle Cost Model
    • QFD
    • Coordinating Projects with Multiple Departments
    • Managing Technical Professionals
    • Leading Engineering & Cross-functional Teams
    • Working with Suppliers On VA/VE Projects
    • Technology Management
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Validation and Verification
    • GD&T
    • PPAP
    • High Performance Culture Training
    • DFX / DMX
    • Program Management / Leadership
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Teambuilding / Concurrent Engineering
    • Strategy Planning / Deployment
    • International Business experience
    • APQP / DFX, Zero Defects
    • Agile New Product Development
    • R&T / Technology Roadmaps


• Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Akron (Akron, OH)
• Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Akron (Akron, OH)
• Lean Certified
• Certified PMP Program Mgmt. Professional
• Engineer in Training
• Emotional Intelligence
• Center for Creative Leadership
• Agile