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Quality Supervisor / Engineer (194628) Masters / ISO – IATF16949 Certified Auditor

Talented Quality Engineer with 9 years of experience in Tier 1 manufacturing of automotive stampings and interior components. He has a Master’s degree and a Bachelors’s and is a Certified ISO/IATF 16949 Quality Management System Auditor. He is skilled at identifying opportunities for improvement and scrap reduction using data. He also has team leadership experience having supervised a team of 4 quality auditors, an incoming inspector, a shipping auditor, a document control specialist, and a CMM tech. He is willing to relocate and is flexible to the different plant locations.

• Responsible for performing regular internal ISO/IATF Audits and internal layered audits.
• Reviewed scrap data using pivot tables weekly. Addressed any spikes to discover cause.
• Due to the nature of plastic parts scratches and nicks are common as a defect. Generally, this accounted for the top scrap category in any given week and became a priority for myself and my scrap reduction team.
o We started by walking the line backwards from end to beginning, looking for possible causes and talking with operators.
o Tracking sheets with location diagramming were distributed to the lines to find where on each part scratches were occurring and with what frequency.
o Multiple changes were rolled out, including new padding in WIP racks, altered layout of work operations, and additional training in part handling,
o As a result, scrap for scratches was reduced by 66%, significantly improving the efficiency of the production operation.

  • Direct point of contact for General Motors.
  • Responsible for creating and modifying control plans and work instructions.
  • Responsible for overseeing teams of inspectors and auditors in a fast-paced manufacturing environment.

• Vendor Offsite Supplier Quality
• Supplier Validation / Qualification
• PPAP – Challenge / Groupo Antolin
• PPM Reduction
• Tier 1 Supplier
• Quality Resident Engineering
• Using Quality Database Systems
• Creating SOP Training
• Quality Management Experience
• Quality Training Experience
• Production Quality experience
• Performing Internal Quality system audits
• Setting Up Quality Systems from Scratch – Challenge Mfg.
• Component Design Review
• Statistical Investigations
• Investigating Customer Complaints
• Documenting Initial Submissions
• Performing TS Audits
• ISO9001
• IATF16949 / TS16949
• ISO Auditing
• Conducting Trial Fit / Function
• Using Control Plans
• Process Flow Diagrams
• Poka Yoke Assessments
• Analyzing Production Limitations
• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• DOE Design of Experiments
• 5S / 6S
• 8D
• Ishikawa Diagrams
• Establishing Cpk for Process
• Troubleshooting Root Cause
• Implementing Corrective Actions
• Implementing Continuous improvement
• Designing Process Improvement Trials
• Optimizing Manufacturing Processes
• Product Reject / Defect Investigations
• New production line startup
• Non-Destructive Testing
• Sorting Suspect Parts
• Gage R&R


• Master of Arts, International Relations
• Bachelor of Science, Political Science, Minor in Geography

Specialized Skills/Certifications:

• ISO/IATF 16949 Quality Management System Auditor Certified, 2019
• Experienced in ISO/TS Auditing
• Experienced in ISO 9001 Auditing
• Well-developed team building/training skills
• Well Developed Organizational Skills