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Quality Engineer (62795) Black Belt / BSEE / Will Relo

Quality Manufacturing Engineer with over 20+ years of automotive experience that includes both quality and manufacturing roles. He is a Six Sigma Blackbelt which provides him a unique insight into solving problems

He is an ATM MACHINE that pushes BIG MONEY to your bottom line!. His impressive track record includes improving all aspects of the manufacturing process, increasing productivity, and delivering substantial savings. His track record of accomplishment speaks volumes about his abilities! He is currently working in a non Quality manufacturing role but is interested in exploring Quality Engineering roles and is willing to relocate.

• Utilized Lean techniques to increase productivity
• Helped identify over $4.5 million of cost savings at Stamping supplier
• Assisted in identifying $250K cost savings at supplier by line rebalancing and redefining material handling routes
• Assisted in identifying and implementing $144K cost savings at supplier through line rebalance
Assisted in $180K cost avoidance by doing times studies reallocating work elements to operators and $145k cost savings within our Canton plant by reallocating work elements to material handlers
• Helped put together logistics proposal that has a potential of $400K cost savings by eliminating storage warehouse
• Working with the team to bring processes back in house from suppliers which would have a potential of more than $250K cost savings
Redesigned cell layouts to increase productivity and PPAP
• Gave management team proposal for setup reduction of 75% on stamping presses
• Decrease customer defect rate 80% by finding the true root cause and saving a 5 million dollar account
• Led Standard work event that increased productivity 50% within our Delime process
Reduce solid variation 60% and improve yield 2% for cost savings of $2.0 million
• Reduced scrap 50% due to moisture reduction cost savings of $500K
• Helped establish 5S audit system plant-wide
Helped improved inventory accuracy from 12% to 98%
• Helped productivity 26% on the main production line
• Helped reduce downtime by 40% on the main production line
• Helped reduce lid scrap rate 20%
• Reduce overtime by 60%
• Improved productivity by 30%
• Improved on-time delivery 85%
• Reduce scrap 90%
• Reduced WIP variance 80%
• Helped reduce wire break rate 75% and annual cost savings of $350K
• Helped increase throughput 10%

• Increase productivity by 15%

• Six Sigma Green Belt
• Six Sigma Black Belt
• Lean Certified
• ISO9000
• TS16949
• 5 Why Analysis
• 8Ds
• GR&R
• Histograms
• Mistake Proofing
• Pareto charts
• Running Shainin Red X
• Leading Kaizen Events
• Running Kanbans
• Running Six Sigma Projects
• Plant Floor Layout experience
• Reducing WIP Inventory
• Running Poka-yokes
• Line Rebalancing
• Creating Standard Work
• Scrap Reduction
• Increasing Productivity
• Reducing Inventory
• Implementing 5S Audits
• Reducing Rework
• Kanbans
• Process flowcharts
• Process Mapping
• Root Cause Analysis
• Value Stream Mapping
• Cell Manufacturing


Bachelors of Science, Electrical Engineering Technology;