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PLANT MGR. OPERATIONS LEADER (207666) Aerospace, Automotive / Forging, Casting, Machining

Impressive Manufacturing Leader withs a strong history of strengthening compliance; improving processes; and elevating output, quality, customer satisfaction, and employee morale to all-time bests. His broad operations experience includes machining, heat treating, melting, forging, casting, grinding, thermoforming, and trimming operations. He has a strong teamwork mentality with experience in both union (UAW, UAW) and nonunion environments. He is experienced in SAP and Oracle ERP systems.

He brings leadership/team skills, a successful track record of cost savings, continuous improvement, and a metrics-driven process optimization competence to the table. He is single, renting, and willing to relocate. His notable experience includes:

Plant Manager with a proven record of meeting and exceeding safety, production, spend, revenue, and costs metrics.
• Managed full P&L, demonstrating strong financial results while maintaining high levels of equipment uptime.
o Met or exceeding the financial plan (P&L) 15 out of 16 months
o Achieved aggressive and strategic cost savings reduction from 28.7% of revenue in 2019 to 20.1% 2021 YTD,

• Coaching and developing team members at all levels, collaborating with all levels of the organization, and using continuous improvement tools for CI identification/implementation when misses occurred with KAIZEN and A3 processes.
• First location in the BU to fully train and implement Six Sigma White Belt for all levels of the team
• Responsibility of multi-site operational leadership in Q3 & Q4 2021
o Meeting our P&L commitments in Martinsville, VA
o Achieving YTD record revenue shipments
• Operations included Forging, heat treating and machining operations to make aluminum wheels for 18 wheelers.
• Ensured all Environmental & Safety policies are followed.
o Member of the team that has never had a finding through corporate or agency audits.
• Monitoring performance and implementing corrective actions to meet goals.
o Increased throughput by 100% in 2017
• Solved problems to the root to prevent recurrences; using A3 problem solving and tracking to leverage 5 why’s, Poka-Yoke, and fishbone to understand, plan, and track improvement opportunities that result in financial improvements.
• Front line interaction with the workforce and union leadership in administering, applying, complying, and enforcing the bargained contract.
• Led and participated in several initiatives for cost savings
o Improved training, ensuring safety performance
o Improving first pass yield
o Measured by improved on-time delivery to our customers.
• Improved employee production documentation compliance by standardizing the company auditing frequency and modifying feedback to union employees.
• Used Andon performance management system for production tracking and continuous improvement


• BS in Business Administration / INDIANA WESLAYAN UNIVERSITY
• University of Phoenix – Information Technology
• Howmet Business Systems