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Manufacturing Operations Manager (194525) King of Turnaround / EBITDA

We are truly excited to present an Operations Leader with a track record of performance that is truly EXCEPTIONAL! This metrics-driven, results-oriented manufacturing professional has extensive skills in building high-performance teams and leading sophisticated union and non-union manufacturing organizations. One look at his resume demonstrates that he has a proven track record at establishing operational excellence within culturally diverse environments. He has created and implemented metrics from scratch to turn multiple businesses around using PROSCI Change Management methods.

Still not impressed? Then when is the last time you saw someone within 3 months was able to produce a positive monthly profit from a 4-year annual negative EBITDA?!! Or when he increased throughput by 50% while reducing production cost by 45%?!! He is actively searching for a new leadership role, is renting, and can move quickly!

• Worked closely with a seasoned workforce to get the buy-in to change and implemented metrics from scratch.
Improved EBITDA from 13.8% to 22.2%.
• Drastically improving overall culture and direction of the business through implementing Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma practices
• Created and executed strategic metrics with managers to improve throughput and reduce cost.
o Within 3 months was able to produce a positive monthly profit from a 4-year annual negative EBITDA.
• Re-aligned departments and personnel along with job descriptions to improve communications and deliverables to customers –
• Successfully initiated aggressive growth strategies with declining markets
• ABB had no metrics system in place. I established performance metrics from scratch, which were then implemented throughout the North American Turbocharging business.
o Successfully implemented with zero TRI (Total Recordable Incidents) for over 4300 days.
• Effectively manage change while bringing the team together that resulted in being recognized as a “Best in Class” organization during a corporate wide audit.
o Escalated the EBIT from 1.98% to 15.31% within 5 years.
• Streamlined supply chain processes and strategically consolidated vendors.
o Thus, reducing the redundancy by 80% and cost by 50%.
o The business was able to achieve a 99% on time delivery rating
of products and services to customers.
• Instituted new sales strategies, controls and metrics, and transitioned the function from a product to a solutions focus.
o Nearly tripling sales and improving margins by 20%
o Negotiated over 3,000 bids and 200 Long Term Agreements in a declining market.
• Eliminated non-essential staff and marginal performers (22% of the total labor force)
• Gained subordinate commitment on new manufacturing plans, processes and metrics, increasing the manufacturing yield.
• Achieved the industry’s highest growth rate over an 8-year period – brought assets out of bankruptcy.
o Halted a 10-year decline in sales and grew annual revenue from $500k to $16.5M
• Delivered unprecedented results by
o Erasing a $3.5 million yearly cash burn rate
o Eliminated $14 million in debt.
o Grew annual revenue with total backlog reaching $54 million.
o This improved operating performance generating a $3.1 million EBITDA within 5 years.
o Increase throughput by 50%
o Reduce production cost by 45%.
o Reducing the total recordable incident rate (TRIR) from 12 to 0.5,

• • Reorganized maintenance and created a preventative maintenance program,
o Reduced the number of sub-contractors from 15 to 5.
o Improved scheduling processes
o Reduced controllable costs by 35%.

• Team Leadership
• Creating / Driving Metrics to Achieve Results
• Using PROSCI Change Management Methods
• Improving EBITDA
• Operations Management
• Mechanical Engineering- AIM, ABB, Coffin
• High Volume Manufacturing- AIM
• Batch Manufacturing – AIM, Coffin
• High Volume CNC Machining Operations – AIM
• Adjusting Production Schedules
• Establishing Production Sequences
• Cell Manufacturing Operations
• Blending Operations
• Welding Operations- AIM, Coffin
• Assembly Operations- AIM, ABB, Coffin
• Fabrication Operations- AIM, ABB, Coffin
• Injection Molding Operations
• Forging Operations – AIM
• Extrusion Operations – AIM, Coffin
• Shot Blasting Operations- AIM, Coffin, ABB
• Heat Treat Operations – Coffin, AIM
• Negotiating/Bidding Large Contracts / LTA’s
• Metal Finishing Operations
• Stamping Operations- AIM, CTR
• Union / Non Union Plants
• Continuous Improvement Projects
• Process Optimization
• Process Troubleshooting
• Automotive / Component Manufacturing
• Aerospace / Component Manufacturing- AIM
• Coatings Manufacturing
• Equipment Parts / Component Manufacturing
• Military Equipment Manufacturing
• Fabricated Metal, and Machinery Manufacturing
• Truck / Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
• Re-engineering Operations & Process Improvement
• Managing CAPEX Projects
• Managing Multiple Projects
• Root Cause Analysis
• P&L Management & Strategic Business Planning
• Statistical Process Control SPC
• Arbitration / Negotiation
• Value Stream Mapping
• Measuring Forecast Accuracy
• Order Status Reports
• Plant Visual Systems
• ERP Systems – SAP
• MRP Systems – E2

Bachelor of Science – Marine Transportation / Logistics- Marine Engineering