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Chemical Plant Production Manager (161857) Paint / Coatings / Specialty Chemicals / Will relo

Indiana based Chemical Manufacturing Production Manager with 25 years in operations management. He has held all levels of manufacturing and facility management positions at three profitable companies. His experience includes paint, coatings, specialty chemicals, and lubricants for major industry companies. These plants include batch manufacturing and blending operations. He has managed multiple sites including warehousing operations. Highly skilled in improving processes and eliminating production bottlenecks. Has successfully led capital projects and upgraded plant equipment to increase output.

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Chemical Plant Production Manager (161857) Paint / Coatings / Specialty Chemicals / Lubricants / Will relo

• Managed two locations
• Transitioned Chicago facility into a finished goods warehouse reducing staff by 3 headcount
• Through vendor services negotiations, plant supply reduction cost, overtime, and cross-training
     o Achieved plant cost reduction of $500,000
• Led and managed $250,000 in capital improvements to improve safety and efficiencies
• Improved customer shipping accuracy from 95% to 99%
• Improved inventory accuracy through cycle counting, educating production, and through self-audits
• Negotiated with the union to allow management to step in when short-staffed
Earned Employee of the year in 2015
• Led continual improvement projects making the facility the lowest cost and highest pounds per man-hour compared to the other 2 production facilities
o Achieved the lowest cost per pound of the 3 production facilities at o.oo5/lb.
• Expanded preventative maintenance protocols
• Monitored mixing times which led to increased throughput by 20%
• Cross-trained to improve department coverage and reduced overtime 30%
• Pre-staged materials to eliminated bottlenecks for batch process.
 o Improved order delivery from 80% to 98%
• Upgraded the wastewater treatment/filtration system
o This reduced process time by 50%, and use the labor in other areas of the plant
     o Improving effluent quality and reducing waste elimination costs from $150 / box to $20 / box
• Upgraded existing equipment.

Paint & coatings 12 years
• Chemicals 20 years
• Lubricants 3 years
• Batch Manufacturing Operations
• Blending Operations
• Chemical Manufacturing
• Coatings Manufacturing
• Paint Manufacturing
• Process Optimization
• Holding Kanban Events
• Process Troubleshooting
• Holding Staff Accountable
• Reducing Scrap
• Controlling Labor Costs
• Establishing Production Sequences
• Shipping / Receiving Operations
• ERP Systems
• MRP Systems
• FIFO Systems
• JIT Systems
• MOC Management of Change
• Budget Development
• Creating SOPs
• Meeting Manufacturing Delivery Targets
• Measuring Forecast Accuracy
• Prioritizing Jobs
• Adjusting Production Schedules
• Production Planning
• Identifying Capacity Requirements
• Value Stream Mapping
• Managing Multiple Projects
• Ensuring Future Material Availability
• Ensuring Optimal Inventory
• Scheduling Materials / Labor
• Calculating Production / Labor/ Material Costs
• Continuous Improvement Projects
• Demand Planning
• Data Collection / Analysis
• Inventory Staging
• Driving Cost Reduction
• P&L Responsibility
• Increasing Production Capacity
• Increasing Throughput
• Improving Manufacturing Processes
• Resolving Production Bottlenecks / Problems
• Production Layouts
• Developing Cost-Effective Processes
• Root Cause Analysis
• Statistical Process Control SPC
• Maintaining Production Paperwork
• Order Status Reports
• Plant Maintenance
• Preventative Maintenance
• Identifies At-Risk Shipments
• Process Safety Management
• Production Quality experience
• Total Quality Management
• Team Leadership

• Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL
• Safety and Environmental Training (current)
• HAZMAT Training (current)
• Performance Management
• Quarterly Planning and Review
• Process Improvement Workshops
• Benchmarking Workshop
• Coaching/Train the Trainer
• Total Quality