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President, GM, VP (93288) MBA, Masters / Black Belt / CQA/ CFA/ Global Manufacturing / Turnaround

Senior Manufacturing Executive with an exceptional track record of manufacturing excellence across several sectors. He has Masters degrees in Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Project Management and holds an MBA. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt and a Certified Quality Auditor CQA.

He is an accomplished, results-driven Global Leader with full P&L responsibility and has managed multiple site manufacturing teams globally in the US, Mexico, Europe, Russia, and Brazil. He has led and managed small teams and large teams of up to 3000 people. His profit improvement skills are every bit as impressive as his education and certifications.

If you need to improve operations, costs, profits, metrics, EBIT, or all of them with a turnaround, then he is your man! The amazing thing is that his impressive track record of success is across multiple manufacturing sectors! Since the company has been sold and consolidation is imminent, he has decided that he is interested in exploring a new leadership role and is willing to relocate. He is willing to relocate and his impressive experience includes:

Increased sales by 13.6% in one year through product positioning, innovation, reduced cost and improved estimation.
• Drove formal S&OP principles into plant loading and resource planning to increase OTD from 59% to 80%, reduced dormant and obsolete inventory by $900K.
• Improved manufacturability and reduced overtime labor by $700K.
• Led “Best Practices” roadmap for XFMR manufacturing across PDI multi-plant enterprise resulted in improved FPY by 35%.
• Conducted a 3-month professional training for plant management on financial intelligence and process control.
EBIT Improvements – Realized Operating Profit (EBIT) growth from 22.8% to 25.3% in one year
• Lean & Toyota System Champion – Productivity gain achieved (2018/Baseline: 2019/+11%)
Directed 27 Kaizen workshops and Lean Manufacturing seminars.
• Completed a full assessment of the multi-plant asset and presented a 3-yr Strategic Plan aimed at 40% growth.
• Successful turnaround and reorganization of business operations and manufacturing processes with high product cost and low quality.
• Achieved a record sales increase by 14.3% and improved gross profit from 42.3% to 54.5% in a 14-month period
• Introduced S&OP principles into factory loading & resource planning to increase OTD from 47% to 95%, reduced inventory by $3.2M, 4 turns to $720K, 9 turns, & improve customer satisfaction. Productivity gain: (2014/Baseline: 15/+7%, 16/+10%).
Realized a $2M CAPEX plan to improve technological capabilities for metal fabrication, welding, CNC precision machining, electroplating, sheet metal laser cutting, CNC wire bending, and automated powder paint coating.
• Provided critical leadership in revenue growth from $39M to $92M+
o EBIT improvements (Year/Sales/EBIT): 09/42/21.8%, 10/48/23.5%, 11/57/25.6%, 12/72/26.4%, 13/83/23.1%, 14/92/22.4%.
• Drove profound change by restructuring the Operational Team
o Productivity Gains – (Year/%): 2009/Baseline, 2010/+15%, 2011/+23%, 2012/+18%.
Improved working capital by 27% and inventory turns by 60%
• Captured a long-term contract after developing and deploying a strategic business plan to attract the largest customers, resulting in a 24% ROI improvement and restored customers’ satisfaction.
Reduced Non-Financial Indicators (NFI) (scrap, rework, warranty, and repair) by 67% or $1.9M in hard savings
• Reduced operating costs and improved margin by 9.6% over a four-year period
• Full P&L responsibility for consolidated annual revenue of $500M+
Achieved 18 Consecutive Months of Sustained High Profitability in 2007-2008.
Improved OTD from 81.5% to 98%, product quality by 35% and increased operational capacity by 20%.
• Led Six Sigma project to improve OME efficiency of PM4 paper machine from 76% to 95% and increase its output by 15%.
Increased sales by 21.6% for the Industrial Product, Commercial Aerospace, Advanced Technology, Medical Devices, and Electronics combined, and improved profit margin by 5.5% in one year.
Reduced inventory (Raw Material, WIP, Finished Goods, and Components) by $2.2M with the S&OP strategy.
• Reduced standard lead-time from 22 weeks to 8 and thereby reducing the manufacturing cycle (JIT).
• Led 4 Six Sigma and Lean projects to reduce direct labor costs by 4.8% as a percentage of sales and improve the burden rate by 12.5% for both lines
Increased Net Production by 30% through Employee Efficiency & Utilization control.


Master of Science in Finance (MSF) / GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY,
Master of Business Administration (MBA) / KELLER GRADUATE SCHOOL,
• Master of Science Advanced Project Management / KELLER GRADUATE SCHOOL
• Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)/ SOUTH URAL STATE UNIVERSITY, School of Automotive Engineering
Professional Education for Senior Executives / HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL


CSSBB, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, (ASQ)
CQA, Certified Quality Auditor, (ASQ)
• CFA, Certified Financial Analysis, Keller Graduate School of Management
• Implementing Activity-Based Cost Accounting /Activity Based Leadership – Manufacturing Executive Institute
• Dale Carnegie Course
• Driving Business Performance with New Metrics and Incentives – Manufacturing Executive Institute
• PCM Productivity with Process Control – Dr. Allen, Ph. D
• Effective Mill Manager Seminar at International Paper
• Operational Excellence at International Paper
• Kaizen/TPM Training at Alcoa Fasteners