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Plant Manager (219079) CNC Machining, Metal Stamping, Metal Forming, Injection Molding, Heat Treat, Mixing and Assembly Operations / Detroit Metro

Manufacturing Leader that has held progressive positions in Engineering, Supply Chain and Operations Management. Robert has achieved some impressive cost-saving results in all areas of the plant operations. His broad process experience that includes CNC Machining, Metal Stamping, Metal Forming, Injection Molding, Heat Treat, Mixing and Assembly Operations. He is also skilled in several ERP and MRP systems. He has supported revenue Stream Ranges: $30M to $550M.

This make it happen better, faster, and cheaper Leader is currently employed but looking for a new manufacturing challenge to apply his Big Box of skills and is interested in confidentially exploring new Plant Manager or Supply Chain opportunities in the Detroit area. Contact us for an introduction before your competition snaps him up! His notable experience includes:

Reduced OT labor by $900K,
• Increased customer ratings from 82% to 100%,
• Decreased inventory by $600k.

• Driver of Kaizen events through lean, six sigma, and 5s implementation that
o Improved efficiency by 16%
o Reduced operational costs by $250K
o Reduced inventory by $200K.

• Developed and implemented supply chain goals and KPI metrics resulting in a savings of over $500k.
• Applied lean tools to implement continuous improvement projects thereby
o Reducing operational costs by $700K annually,
o Decreased expediting costs by $80K, and
o Improved on-time delivery from 74% to 99%.

• Implemented a new shipping warehouse layout which improved safety/quality, increased efficiency, and reduced OT.
• Evaluated MRO process implementing changes that resulted in costs savings over $110K.
• Evaluated and improved supply chain operations in 2 facilities that resulted in the following:
o Reduced raw chemical inventory by $250K
o Eliminated a storage facility saving $85K
o Increased FG inventory turns from 42 to 62
o Reduced die set-ups from 2 hours to 20 minutes
o Improved on-time delivery from 90% to 99%.

• Developed and led lean manufacturing initiatives resulting in
o Savings of over $1.2M.
o Improved throughput by 40%
o Reduced raw material and WIP inventory from 70 days to less than 4 days.

• Implemented a purchasing supply chain cost reduction initiative saving $200K annually.
• Purchased and implemented capital equipment that improved throughput by 50%.

• Metal Stamping
• Metal Forming
• CNC Machining
• Pellet Mixing
• Mixing Operations
• Extrusion Operations
• Injection Molding Operations
• Metal Manufacturing
• Assembly Operations
• Heat Treat Operations
• Union Operations
• Electronics Manufacturing
• Non-union Operations
• Engineering Team Management
• Work Planning
• Creating SOPs / Ensuring Compliance
• Reduced OT labor
• Reduced Operational Costs
• Reduced Inventory
• Improved On-Time Delivery
• Increased FG Inventory Turns
• Reduced Die Set-Ups
• Optimizing Operating Units / Processes
• Increasing Yield
• Reduced Raw Material and WIP Inventory
• Supply Chain Cost Reduction Initiative Leading Problem Solving Teams
• Analyzing Plant Data
• Monitoring Data Collection
• Troubleshooting Unit Processes
• Training Operators on SOPs, Policies
• Effectively Managing Production Resources
• Reducing Operation Costs
• Using Six Sigma Projects / Tools
• Increasing Production Capacity
• Capital Project Execution
• Managing Multiple Projects
• Working with Plant Maintenance
• BOMs
• Budget and planning strategies
• Implementing Lean Manufacturing
• Leading Manufacturing Teams
• Implementing Lean / Six Sigma Methods
• Taking Cost Out
• Improving Manufacturing Methods
• Batch Mixers
• Extruders
• CNC Equipment
• Conveyers
• Injection Molding
• PFEP (Plan for Every Part)
• Equipment Procurement
• Equipment Layout

Bachelor of Science, Engineering Arts with a concentration in Manufacturing Engineering, Michigan State University

• ERP/MRP Systems – SAP, PLEX, Oracle, JD Edwards, QAD
• Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
• Quality Systems