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Plant / Operations Manager (187526) Automotive / Casting, Machining Operations / Will Relo All US

Hey if you are making metal components, WE HAVE and Exceptional Leader who has a history of improving foundry operations, reducing scrap, and MAKING MONEY! He is an experienced foundry manufacturing leader with 20+ years of casting operations experience.

He is a Mechanical Engineer who has held progressive positions within Foundry Operations and is skilled in Manufacturing, Quality, Maintenance, Engineering, Process Improvement, Purchasing, Production Control, and Supplier relations, He has led teams of 500+ and has experience with Labor relations – previously negotiating 3 Union Contracts with UAW.

• Increased the quality staff and increased support.
o Reduced scrap from 35% down to 7% on Ford casting.
o Passed all quality audits and did not lose any certifications.
• Installed automation 4 ABB robots and redesigned the cell and layout to improve product flow.
Added conveyance systems and reduced fork-trucks at the plant to reduce traffic by 75%
• Successfully managed through huge order quantity variations due to chip shortages
• Raised visibility of near misses and treated it like a recordable. This resulted in significant Safety improvements
• Lead Cost Reduction Activities with our President resulting in a 3-year $25 Million dollar impact on the operation.
Negotiated 2 UAW 5-year Union Contracts as First Chair, improving labor relationships and morale within the manufacturing group, reducing grievance load by 70 percent.
• Plant Engineering improvements and expansion
o Installed 3rd Casting Line ($18 Million)
o Installed ECoat Paint Line and Die Quench Hot Stamping Operation

Fulfilled complete Salaried personnel reallocation project to operate the Foundry throughout the 5 Week UAW Strike. Successful in operating production with 0 missed deliveries to our customers.
• Successfully completed Plant 1 Foundry renovation Project as the leader of Manufacturing
• Successfully completed the Plant 2 Foundry Expansion Project as the leader of the Manufacturing Section.

• Lost Foam Casting
• Permanent Mold Casting
• Green Sand Casting
• Casting Process Design
• Ferrous Metallurgy
• Heat Treating
• Ensuring Dimensional
• Risering Techniques
• 3D Modeling
• Raw Material Controls
• Solving Porosity Problems
• Melting Operations
• Molten Metal Filtration
• Pouring Operations
• Solidification Modeling
• Minimizing Scrap / Rework
• Reducing Cycle Times
• Core Manufacturing
• Front End Operations
• Back End Operations
• Machining Operations
• Cleaning Operations
• CMM Coordinate Measuring Machines
• CNC Equipment
• Grinding Operations
• Hardness Testing
• Heat Treating
• Inspection Fixtures
• Machining Operations
• Magnetic Particle
• Metallurgical Testing
• Non-Destructive Testing
• Painting
• Penetrant Inspection
• Polishing Operations
• Specialty Gauges
• Tensile Testing
• Ultrasonic Inspection
• ERP Systems – Odessy
• Eliminating Bottlenecks
• FIFO Staging
• Kaizen Events
• Leading Continuous Improvement
• Scheduling
• Defining Standard Work
• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• Supervising Multi-discipline Teams
• Supporting Yield Analysis
• Creating Shipping Schedules
• Developing Cost-Effective Manufacturing Processes
• Developing Performance Metrics
• Developing Production Plans
• New Technology, Expansion, and Growth
• Legal and Environmental Compliance
• 5S Practice
• Promotion of Safety Performance
• Control of Expenses and Spending
• Manufacturing Efficiency – Kaizen
• Member of Toyota BAMA – 14 years
• Labor Relations – Morale
• Cost Reduction Activity
• Leadership and Accountability

• Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering