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Plant Manager (164106) / Machining / OEM / Automotive / Multi-plant Operations / MBA / BSChemE

Metal parts manufacturing is a complex process that requires a leader that can master a plethora of operations to get it right and turn a profit.

We are working with a Manufacturing Leader with 18+ years of accelerated growth experienced in OEM manufacturing and steel forging & machining. He is a Chemical Engineer with an MBA from Carnegie.   He is Lean Certified and is Fundamentals of Engineering Certified. His leadership experience includes managing multiple manufacturing, forging and machining operations while integrating others into the company. He is highly skilled in improving operations and processes while using technology and automation to reduce costs. In short, he gets results! He is interested in exploring new opportunities.  This “Game Changer’s” background includes:

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Plant Manager (164106) / Machining / OEM / Automotive / Multi-plant Operations / MBA / BSChemE

• Master of Business Administration (MBA) / CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY 
• Lean Certified
• Fundamentals of Engineering FE


• 18 yrs of accelerated growth experience
• 8 yrs of manufacturing leadership
• Maintained a safe workforce with over
• 2.3MM labor-hours & only 11 DARTs
• P&L management
• Contributor to the employee incentive program, driving key business metrics
• Built multiple successful teams focused on strategy driven by data
Sustained >90% on-time delivery
• <1% cost of quality dollars (industry leader)
• Leading employee engagement meetings
• Preparation/delivery and follow-up of executive leadership presentations
Championed cellular / automated machining; 20% productivity increases
• In addition, on-time delivery to customers also improved by 20% (to over 92%).
• Implemented new system to increase chrome plating deposition efficiency by 65%
• Drove automating labor-intensive functions out of process; 27% decrease in 4yrs
Reduced facility operating expenses by $5.0MM (17.5%) annually through unmanned machining, carbide tooling, and direct labor.
• Direct labor reduced via more machine automation and RIF of unnecessary overhead
• Applied CNC machining & polishing practices to crankshafts yielding upwards of $2.2MM/yr in reduced direct labor needs
• Annual inventory turns = 9.5 (industry leading)

• Plant Leadership/Management
• Engineering Management experience
• Machining Operations
• CNC Controllers
• CNC Grinders
• CNC Plasma Cutters
• CNC Programming
• 3-axis / 5-axis
• Cleaning Operations
• Grinding Operations
• Polishing Operations
• Cell Manufacturing
• Scrap Reduction
• Estimating Production Times
• GD&T
• Improving Manufacturing Methods
• Process Control
• Reading Blueprints
• Reducing Equipment Down Time
• Manufacturing Automation
• Heat Treating Processes
• Increasing Throughput
• P & L Responsibility
• Increasing Margins
• Painting Operations
• Penetrant Inspection
• Specialty Gauges
• Ultrasonic Inspection
• Product Launch Activities
• Achieving Cost Reduction
• Conducting Design Reviews
• Continuous Improvement Goals
• Taking Corrective Action
• Cost Estimating
• Cost Reduction
• Design / Layout
• Design Of Experiements (DOE)
• Enterprise Resource Planning
• FIFO Staging
• Kaizen Events
• Improving Delivery Times
• Lean Manufacturing Methods
• Managing Multiple Projects
• Manufacturing BOM
• Material Management
• Metal Fabrication
• Process Capability Index (Cpk)
• Leading Multi-discipline Teams
• Process Manufacturing Improvements
• Fluent in Spanish
• Financial Modeling
• TOC Management
• Forecasting
• Business development
• Production Scheduling
• Employee development & coaching
• Customer management