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Plant Manager (144045) Specialty Chemicals, Plastics, Adhesives-Sealants / Green Belt / Will Relo

He is a Chemical Plant Manager experienced in Specialty Chemical, Plastics and Adhesives with 20 years of Industry experience. Michael is a Six Sigma Green Belt and a collaborative problem solver who uses financial modeling, lean six sigma process improvement, and training strengths to improve manufacturing, warehousing, quality control, and distribution. He is skilled in breaking down any production process and have a thorough understanding in a short time. Expert in identifying root causes of issues and translating complex processes into clear, understandable, and actionable steps.An enthusiastic leader who consistently meets commitments with integrity. Ready for a new opportunity

Oversaw new construction, design, and managed Pasadena, TX plant. Based in Mexico City, this was Polnac’s (Polimeros Nacionales) first plant expansion into the US.
• Experience with plastic pellet/powder production, handling and packaging.
• Primarily manufactured, packaged, and shipped plastic pellets/powder internationally out of Port of Houston.
• Experience with Injection (single, 2, 3 shot) and Rotational molding.
• Planned the layout, acquisition, and installation of 2 highly automated production lines. One for pellets and second for grinding into powders.
• Managed the Houston, TX plant. Five continuous extrusion production lines.
• Took over plant in 2003 when safety was an afterthought. By 2008, the plant won a safety excellence award from the NPCA (National Paint & Coatings Association) rating second to DuPont.
• Continuous Improvement leader and teacher.
• Lead Kaizen events.
• Thorough knowledge of VSM, Takt time, 5S, Value and Non-Value added time, CPI process control, etc.
• Green Belt project was based on changing from a mechanical method of measuring length of FGs to a laser based system.
o Installation costs was $32K with ROI of $97K in the first year.
• Manufacturer of oilfield and specialty chemicals, liquid and dry
• Responsible for production scheduling, purchasing, quality control, and on-time shipping,
• Hands on experience building chemical mixing tanks, weighing, and filling systems.
• Updated packaging equipment and procedures, increasing productivity by 25%.

  • Liquid and Powder Chemicals
  • Oilfield Drilling Fluid additives
  • Plastic pellets and powders
  • Plastic and Rubber extruded gasket
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Mastics
  • Surfactants
  • Acids
  • Waxes
  • Unionized Workforce – Henry
  • 3D Modeling
  • Raw Material Controls
  • Solving Shrinkage Problems
  • Ensuring Dimensional Accuracy
  • Minimizing Scrap / Rework
  • Cycle Times
  • Certifying Specifications
  • Specialty Gauges
  • Tensile Testing
  • Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Implementing Lean Manufacturing
  • Holding Kaizen Events
  • 6S Experience
  • Layout, Acquisition, And Installation Of Highly Automated Production Lines
  • Non-Union Workforce
  • Achieving Cost Reduction
  • ERP Systems – JD Edwards, SAP
  • Eliminating Bottlenecks
  • Increasing Productivity
  • FIFO Staging
  • Gage R&R
  • Training Teams
  • Troubleshooting Processes
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Visual System
  • Organizational Safety
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics-Domestic and International
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Production Efficiencies
  • Continuous Improvement Leader
  • Profit & Loss Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Equipment & Machinery Maintenance
  • Injection (single, 2, 3 shot) Molding
  • Rotational molding
  • Employee Development
  • Quality Control and Testing
  • Plant layout and Design
  • Air Permit, NSF, and SWPP reporting

Education / Professional Development

Texas A&M University, Associates degree / Business Management

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
  • DuPont Safety Training Certificate
  • Safe start Training
  • IMDG Certificate
  • DOT Hazmat Certified
  • Dale Carnegie Program
  • Successful Negotiating Techniques
  • Certified Forklift Training