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Plant Manager (104964) BS Industrial Technology / Steel Mill, Machining, Coating, Welding, Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion, Heat Treat Operations / Kansas City Area

A Kansas City area Forward-Thinking and Highly Accomplished Plant and Operations Manager with 20+ years of experience supporting companies like Timken, EXL Tube, and Dwyer. He has a Bachelors in Industrial Technology and is Lean Certified and Certified in Toyota Production Systems TPS. He is a “Change Agent” who successfully employs Lean Manufacturing Techniques to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve product quality! He has experience in manufacturing processes that have improved machining, steel mill, heat treating, welding, coating, fabrication, Injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and assembly operations. A quick glance of his resume will tell you that he Greg has acchieved a very impressive track record of cost savings and process improvements. He is a Game-Changing Leader who utilizes KPIs as guides to areas of continuous improvement while applying team-building techniques to Achieve Business Objectives!

Rather than sit on his handsome severance package which was given when his company was sold, he is actively seeking a new leadership opportunity. If you don’t hesitate, you can benefit from immediately from another’s company’s loss. He is looking for a leadership opportunity in the Kansas City area. His excellent background includes:

• Direct P&L responsibility for $100M facility, & all production within including (27+) different Product Lines, with (16) CNC Machining Centers comprised of Horizontal / Vertical Mills & 5 Axis Lathes.
• Managed entire Steel Mill facility and all production processes within, including (2) Steel Mills, Slitter, Brandt Hydro-Tester, Coil Yard and (7) warehouses over (2) locations.
• Developed and administered a complete Safety program for an entire Steel Mill production workforce and effectively heightened plant safety awareness and reduced accidents.
Recorded over 3,300 consecutive days without any lost time accidents.
Successfully Attained Budget KPIs for 9 consecutive years despite COVID-induced hurdles.
• Managed workforces of over 100 full-time associates, temporary associates, and contractors.
Justified multiple CNC Lathes and Mills to reshore components with less than two-year paybacks.
• Achieved Manufacturing Warranty Return KPI’s of less than 1,000 DPPM for 7 consecutive years.
Assessed and Completed lock-out, and tag-out procedures for all equipment in an entire Steel Mill.
• Justified purchase of large Induction heaters, vastly improved overall coating process, efficiency, and quality of hydro-tested and coated petroleum pipe products, ending all customer complaints.
Achieved First Pass Yield rates over 94%+ for all manufactured products over 11 straight years.
• Earned the highest Employee Satisfaction scores in Manufacturing following Engagement Surveys.
Recorded an On-Time Shipment average of 98% or higher for 9 years over the course of 11 years,
• and recorded an OTS average of over 99%
during that time frame for 6 consecutive years.
• Wrote (23) Job Descriptions, Developed, Implemented, & Tracked Employee Training progress.
• Designed and Implemented annual Employee Performance Reviews for feedback and growth.
Increased daily production capacities/volumes by up to 85% to meet customer demands.
• Developed, Implemented, and tracked a New Hire / Job Change Associate Training Program.
Maintained Production Material Costs at less than 3% increase over 11 years.
Improved line productivity by creating and installing an enhanced robot sequence logic program effectively reducing its idle time by 10%. Production records up nearly 8% on all shifts followed.
Achieved and maintained the highest daily production and productivity levels ever observed on the instrument cluster assembly line exceeding previous records by over 9%.
• Developed and implemented a defect rate calculating system to accurately depict process defect ratios and thus make target numbers and goals both realistic and attainable.
Achieved the highest daily injection molding production exceeding previous records by over 4%.

• Steel Mills
• CNC Machining, Rail,
• Automotive, Steel Rolling / Slitting / Coating Operations
• Heat Treat Operations
• Welding Operations
• Coating Operations
• Shot Blasting Operations
• Assembly Operations
• Fabrications Operations
• Painting Operations
• Blow Molding Operations
• Thermoforming Operations
• Injection Molding Operations
• Extrusion Operations
• Adjusting Production Schedules
• Establishing Production Sequences
• Manufacturing Operations
• Cell Manufacturing Operations
• Batch Manufacturing Operations
• Non-Destructive Testing
• Shipping / Receiving Operations
• Automotive / Component Manufacturing
• Equipment Parts / Component Manufacturing
• Management | EH&S
• Production Planning
• Identifying Capacity Requirements
• Preparing Production Schedules
• Controlling Labor Costs
• Cost Control | Productivity & Process Improvement
• Team Leadership 15 / 100
• Gemba
• SPC Analysis
• Root Cause Problem Solving
• Personnel Management & Development
• ISO 9001 | Budgeting
• Procedure Development and Implementation
• Process Optimization
• Process Troubleshooting
• Data Collection / Analysis
• Creating/Implementing Operations Metrics
• Using Visual Systems