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GM, Plant Leadership (219255) Tier 1 Stamping, Welding, Machining, Assembly, and Injection Molding Operations / Certified Black Belt, PMP, TPS / Multi-site / Turnarounds/ Will relo South

Tier 1 Manufacturing Professional with 20+ years of experience in providing parts, and components for Automotive OEMs like Stellantis, BMW, VW, Tesla, GM, Ford, and Chrysler. He has a Bachelors from Kettering, is a Six Sigma Black Belt, and is certified in Toyota Production Systems. He is also a Certified Program Mgmnt Professional PMP and has completed a Tool/Die Apprenticeship early in his career! He has provided plant leadership for Stamping, Welding, Machining, Assembly, and Injection Molding Operations. He excels in strategic planning and superb execution in a fast-paced domestic or globally challenging environment.

He has a legacy of taking lemons and making lemonade by turning operations around with limited or no capital investment, while reducing costs, and improving operational processes and morale! He also has multi-site leadership experience.

This “Game Changer” just became available as he resigned from his current role just last week due to broken trust/unkept promises from the company. If you move quickly, you might beat your competition to a Leader who can take your operations to higher company growth, image, revenues, and profits. and operational excellence! Don’t snooze or you lose! he is interested in exploring opportunities in southern climes! His exceptional experience includes:

Increase capacity with no capital investment and update as needed for the growth of the business.
• Plant Absenteeism was at 45%, 3 shift operation, 6-7 days a week.
o Worked with the leadership team along with the union.
o Created better visual job instructions using videos and job instruction screens.
o Daily follow-up with new hires and follow up.
o Transparent communication on customer demand and send current job status board.
o Employee engagement, acknowledging the good performers and holding the poor performers accountable.
o We currently run at 6% absenteeism and 1.5% turnover.
o Controlling the absenteeism contributed to an increased OEE and less MOD to run the same jobs.

o This in turn also created stability for our engineering department to execute continuous improvement projects and drive the plant’s financial results at an 18% absolute gain.
• Brought them out of new business hold with Stellantis
Improved thru-put by 18% without adding any capital investments or additional manpower.
• Launched BMW, VW, Tesla, GM, Ford, and Chrysler including Aluminum CCB, Aluminum heat shields, rear suspension modules, front grill reinforcements
Winner of Global Kaizen Competitions
Between $1.2M and $2M average yearly savings thru Kaizen Teams and continuous improvement efforts
• Top plants in north America for Safety. Set 758-day record for Sodecia North America
Improved capacity 40% thru QDC and tooling investments
• Maximized process flow thru facilities for increased OEE
• Achieved TS certifications for all 3 facilities

• Managed several projects in addition to day-to-day operations, utilization of machines and utilities disposing of excess equipment, and lay-out for smooth workflow for increased operational efficiency and minimum material handling.
• Implemented a continuous improvement program resulting in significant cost savings.
• GM preferred supplier award for North America 2011,12,13 Ford Q1 status TS16949 certified Environmental
• Management of 195 U.A.W. hourly employees, production supervisors, engineers, direct labor and skilled trade employees.
• Developed and implemented short and long-term strategies to improve productivity including improvements that reduced material cost by 30% and labor cost by $500,000.

Education / Certification

Bachelor of Science Industrial Management Kettering University
Completed Tool and die apprenticeship program
• Six Sigma Green Belt / Six Sigma Black Belt
• Lean Certified
• Certified PMP Program Mgmt Professional
• Certified Toyota Production Systems

Professional Training

• Imperial College Business School of Leadership (London England)
• TS 16949 Five weeks classroom training (Durham college)
• TPS classroom and hands on training, including the
• Just in Time Manufacturing Kaizen- Green belt
• T.O.P.S – Team Oriented Problem Solving
• LEAN Manufacturing
• 6S
• S.M.E.D
• Drill Deep GM
• 5 Why
• Fishbone problem solving

Core Competencies

• Tier 1 Automotive
• Automotive Parts
• Multi-Plant Experience
• Injection Molding Operations
• Stamping Operations
• Welding Operations
• Assembly Operations
• CNC Machining Operations
• Permanent Mold Casting
• Grinding Operations
• Non-Ferrous Metallurgy
• Raw Material Controls
• Minimizing Scrap / Rework
• Reducing Cycle Times
• 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis, 6-axis
• Single Spindle CNC Milling
• Dual Spindle CNC Milling
• Machining Data Collection
• Building Team Morale
• Reducing Equipment Setup Time
• CNC Cutters, CNC Grinders, CNC Lathes
• Ensuring Dimensional Accuracy
• Reducing Material Costs
• Improving Throughput
• Unionized Workforce
• Implementing Lean Manufacturing
• Manual, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Fixturing
• Reducing Equipment Down Time
• Launching Production Line
• Prototype Builds
• Equipment Installation
• Reducing Recordables
• Optimizing Plant Layouts
• Setup Automation
• Increasing Operational Efficiency
• Minimizing Material Handling
• Creating Work Instructions
• Cleaning Operations
• Fatigue Testing
• Hardness Testing
• Heat Treating
• Inspection Fixtures
• Reducing Labor Costs
• Non Destructive Testing
• Polishing Operations
• Reducing Absenteeism
• Ford Q1
• Chrysler EBSC
• TS16949
• Product Engineering
• Product Launch Activities
• 6S Experience
• Achieving Cost Reduction
• Gage R&R
• Control Plans
• Value Stream Mapping
• Visual Systems