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General Manager (95153) BS Mech Eng, BS Mfg Eng, Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Mfg Engineer / Casting Operations, Machining Operations / Aluminum, Magnesium, Stainless, Ductile, Super Alloys / Automotive Tier 1, 2 / Business Turnarounds / Will Relo

Highly experienced Casting and Machining Leader with 20+ years of experience printing money for his employers! He has a strong technical acumen in casting and machining that has allowed him to deliver an enviable track record of performance for companies like Chassix, RYOBI Die-casting, Madison-Kipp, Team Industries and SPX. His career was shaped by his demonstrated ability to get things done consistently!  His achievements include 7-figure cost reductions, 180-degree turnarounds for under-performing operations, fast-track growth for business enterprises, and a legacy of trained employees now holding key positions.

He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering and he is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer and a Six Sigma Black Belt. He has successfully led teams ranging from 40 to 1200. It is rare to find a talent with a stronger track record of making his employers money! His career is an impressive string of turning around failing operations, solving production problems, meeting deadlines, and increasing uptime all while blowing up profits! He recently completed a contract as a GM to turn around a troubled diecast plant acquisition as a General Manager. He is interested in a leadership role with a growing manufacturing company and he is willing to relocate. 

Core Competencies

• Developed and deployed operations strategies which resulted to a $4.1M turn-around in EBITDA performance.
• Improved reputation of the facility has resulted in increased sales from $14M to $28M annually.
• Implemented key manufacturing strategies which improved throughput by 200% to Equinox engine assembly plant in Canada.
• Mentored, facilitated and deployed lean improvement strategies and TPM resulting in a $1.3M increase in profitability.
• Led and managed a team of 450 employees specializing in pressure counter-pressure casting process and heat treatment of aluminum castings.
• Developed and implemented strategies at the plant which resulted to complete turn-around in quality and deliveries.
Developed and led improvement strategies for seven (7) manufacturing facilities which led to a complete turn-around in profitability and performance.
• Implemented lean deployment strategies which led to a $3M turn-around (from a loss of $1M annually to profit of $2M annually) in profitability
• Personally hand-picked by the Chairman to develop and lead the deployment of cost reduction plans which improved profitability by 14% annually.
• Developed and deployed operations strategies increasing profitability by $5.6M
• Developed and deployed operations strategies which resulted in $4.1M turn-around in EBITDA performance.
• Developed and deployed operations strategies for a manufacturing team of 1200 employees to improve the profitability of four aluminum high-pressure die-casting and two CNC machining plants in the U.S. and Mexico.
Deployed lean improvement strategies and TPM resulting in $6M in profitability due to improvements of operations
• Mentored and facilitated direct reports and key personnel in Mexico in the use of A3 strategies which led to 33% productivity improvements.
Started out as Plant Manager. Promoted to Director of Operations in 10 months and VP of Operations eight (8) months later.
• Directed and implemented improvements to the first structural HPDC component for the company.
o The efforts resulted in a scrap reduction from 35% to 12%.
o This improvement resulted in over $1M in savings
in die-casting, heat treatment, FPI, and machining operations.
Develop strategies that resulted in $5.6M in BEP (break-even point) cost reductions for the company
• Introduced A3 problem-solving strategies, visual management, and Kanban to the plant’s machining operations which resulted in OEE improvement from 67% to 91%.
• Introduced A3 problem-solving methodology and implemented policy deployment strategies which resulted to a $3M turn-around in profitability in die-casting operations.
• Negotiated price increases for the machining of Polaris engine blocks which resulted in $1.8M turn-around in profitability.
• Implemented strategies in operations that resulted in 30% productivity improvements in die-casting operations.
• Negotiated cost savings plan with a major hydraulics supplier which resulted in company savings of $85K annually.
• Developed and initiated a plan to improve the machining of timing gear covers for John Deere which resulted in 100 percent increase in throughput, $81,000 savings in tooling, and freed up equipment assets worth over $380K.
• Developed and successfully implemented a plan to negotiate price increases for crankcases which resulted in over $400K in annual net profit for this product line.

• High Volume CNC Machining Operations
• Tier-1/Tier-2 Automotive Experience
• Permanent Mold Casting Operations
• Die Casting Operations
• Managing Multiple Machining Plant Operations
• Change Management
• Business Turnarounds on Failing Operations
• Continuous Improvement
• Powdered Metal
• Lean Manufacturing
• Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
• Improving OEE
• Toyota Production System (TPS)
• Enterprise Solutions
• Training and Mentoring
• Profit & Loss (P&L)
• Lean Six Sigma Certified
• OSHA / Regulatory Compliance
• Quality Systems Management (QS/TS/ISO)
• Metrics-driven Balanced Scorecard
• ERP/MRP Systems
• Budgets/Cost Reduction Initiatives
• Non-Ferrous Metallurgy
• Ferrous metallurgy
• Aluminum
• Magnesium
• Stainless Steel
• Ductile Iron
• Super Alloys
• Supply Chain Management


  • Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Certified Manufacturing Engineer
  • Advanced School in Machining Technology, USN
  • Leadership, Management and Education Training, USN
  • Leadership Academy, Team Industries, Inc.
  • Heat Treatment of Metals, USN
  • Master Training Specialist, USN
  • Qualified Engineer, USN

• Disciplines of Market Leaders
• Conflict Resolutions
• Decision-Making
• Toyota Production Systems
• Problem Solving using A3
• PDCA Methodology
• Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
• Lean Manufacturing
• Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD), Purdue University
• Policy Deployment Strategies
• Balanced Scorecards
• Value-Stream Mapping
• TS 16995
• QS 9001
• OSHA Compliance and DOT Regulations