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General Manager (104941) / Automotive / Molding / Machining / Stamping / Assembly / Black Belt / Lean Master

It is rare to see someone who has been successful across multiple manufacturing operations/industries.  We have followed this “Game Changer’s” career and we are pleased to say he is the real deal!   One look at his track record and you will think he is the Swiss Army knife of manufacturing! 

He is a GM / Plant Manager with 20+ years of automotive and heavy manufacturing experience. He is a Mechanical Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, and a Lean Master. He has worked for companies serving OEMs including GM, FORD, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Cummins, and Navistar. He has great experience with CNC machining operations, molding operations, stamping operations, assembly operations, and fabrication. His secret power is his impressive history of turning around underperforming manufacturing operations. His track record of achieving improvements that improve profits, EBIT. and processes is exceptional!

He has set up greenfield/brownfield operations and managed up to 5 plants with 1500 employees.

This “Game Changer” is currently employed but confidentially is open to making a change. This is your chance to speak with a manufacturing executive with an impeccable track record of accomplishment.


General Manager (104941) / Automotive / Molding / Machining / Stamping / Assembly / Black Belt / Lean Master


. Recruited completely new management team
. Supervised successful start-up of brown field site producing hydro-formed/over-molded lightweight cross car beams
. Upgraded plant technical abilities through the addition of skilled engineers and leadership resources
. Reduced indirect labor by more than 30%
. Virtually eliminated downtime impact to customer
. Improved productivity by more than 20%
. Improved supplier scorecard by more than 30 points to achieve “L1” status
. Reduced external defects by more than 70% with monthly PPM below 5
. Salary and indirect head reduction resulting in an annualized savings of $700,000
. Operating margin increased from negative 1% to positive 8% on a reduced volume
. Quality system enhancements that reduced rework by 30% and field claims by 25%
. Reduction of controllable overhead expenses by 25%
. Completed 6 months of operation with zero lost time accidents
. Recruited new management team (Engineering, Quality, HR and Controller)
. Increased productivity from 55% to 85%
. Reduced scrap from 4.5% of sales to 1.5%
. PPM reduced from 150 to single digits
. Increased operating income by $600k/month
. Recruited completely new management team (Production, Engineering, Quality and HR )
. Increased productivity from 37% to 70%
. Reduced scrap from 7% of sales to 2.5%
. Increased productivity from 70% to 105%.
. Reduced scrap from 2.5% of sales to 0.7%
. Reduced customer concerns from 8/month to 2/month
. Increased EBIT from 6% to 12%
. Selected new location and negotiated a governmental incentive package valued in excess of $3 million
. Managed renovation and moved the entire operation in a 4-week period with no customer impact
. Improved operating income by $1.5 million/month
. Reduced customer concerns from 3/week to 1/week
. PPM reduced from in excess of 100 to less than 20
. Managed two building construction projects
. Achieved a head-count reduction of 40 people through the implementation of flexible automation
. Launched 95 part numbers (zero defect launch)
. Completed Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Master Programs
. Total of 2 days of lost time due to injury in a 2 year period
. 100% on-time delivery performance
. Achieved IS0 9002, ISO14001 and TS16949 Registrations

• Plant Management
• Automotive Tier 1 Manufacturing
Multi-Site Manager
• Six Sigma Black Belt
• Lean Master
• Injection Molding Operations
• Multilayer Injection Molding Operations
• Overmolding Operations
• Automotive Molded Parts
• Assembly Operations
• Machining Operations
• Fabrication Operations
• Coating / Painting Operations
• Stamping Operations
• Lean Tools
Reducing Defects / PPM
• Improving Inventory Turns
• Improving Free Cash Flow
• Increasing Productivity
• Trimming Overhead Expenses
• Increasing Operating Income
• Automotive OEMs
• Improving EBIT
• Improving OEE
• Reducing Scrap
• Team Leadership (1500)
• Managing Multiple Plants (5)
• Plant Start-ups
• Plant Expansions
• Non Union Plants
• Unionized Operations
• TS16949
• ISO9001 / ISO14001

Mechanical Engineering Technologist (CET) – Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario
Six Sigma Black Belt/Lean Master – ITT Industries/University of Michigan