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Reliability Manager (174757) / Black Belt / Masters Eng / MBA / Certified Reliability Engineer / Chemicals / Paper / Mining / Metals

Is your maintenance team running around with their hair on fire?  Is your downtime costing you bottom line profits?  We all know what a disaster an unexpected outage can be.  Well, we have the answer to all of this and more!

We are working with a Technically sophisticated Reliability Leader with 20+ years’ success creating strategic direction, leading reliability and engineering teams. He has a successful history of implementing innovative change, and significantly improving asset performance while delivering cost savings! He is a BSEE and has a Masters in Reliability Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Management and is working on his Ph.D.! He has a long and impressive list of industry certifications including Maintenance / Reliability Professional / Certified Reliability Engineer and Six Sigma Black Belt. But wait it gets better!  His professional experience includes several industries such as paper, mining, chemicals, metals, and automotive. He has both union and non-union environment experience as well. 


Let’s put an end to reactive maintenance and rebuild your bottom line with a talent that will more than pay for itself!   Call 724 814 3791 or email at


Reliability Manager (174757) / Black Belt / Masters Eng / MBA / Certified Reliability Engineer / Chemicals / Paper / Mining / Metals

• Building Cohesive Maintenance Teams
• Working with Millwrights, Welders, Machinists, Electricians
• Developing Standard Operating Procedures
• Process Safety Information
• Establishing Written Procedures
• Maintaining Process Equipment Integrity
• Reporting Unsafe Equipment
• Maintaining Process Equipment Inspection Documentation
• Ensuring Process Equipment Application Suitability
• Mechanical Integrity Programs
• Identifying Equipment Deficiencies
• Asset Integrity Management Systems
• Union / Non-Union Environments
• Change Management / Culture Change
• Maintaining Service Documentation
• TPM, Lean Manufacturing, OEE & Six Sigma
• Using CMMS Software
• Developing Capital Project Budgets
• Managing Capital Projects
• Electrical Engineering
• Managing PM Work Orders
• Equipment Commissioning
• Equipment Evaluation / Selection
• Equipment Utilization Metrics
• Thermography
• OEE Metrics
• Critical Spares
• Developing Predictive Maintenance Programs
• Reliability Centered Maintenance
• Equipment Preventative Maintenance
• Managing Multiple Plant Projects
• Capital Project Development / Management
• Maintaining Mechanical Integrity Equipment List
• Maintaining Mechanical Integrity Documentation
• Mechanical Integrity / RBI / Inspection
• Improving Equipment Reliability
• Reducing Mechanical Downtime
• Eliminating Work Order Backlogs
• Asset Management Excellence (ISO 550XX)
• Training Contractors on Processes

Education & Credentials 

• PhD Candidate in Industrial Engineering
• Master’s in Maintenance Management and Reliability Engineering 
• Master of Business Administration (MBA) 
• Master’s in Engineering Management 
• Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


• Certified Reliability Engineer, American Society for Quality
• Certified Quality Engineer, American Society for Quality
• Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, American Society for Quality
• Maintenance and Reliability Professional, 
• Maintenance and Reliability Technician
• Certified Reliability Leader 
• Asset Management Professional Certificate
• Certified Asset Management Assessor 
• Strategic Decision Making and Risk Management Certificate