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Electrical I&C Maintenance Reliability Engineer (210276) Chemical, Manufacturing, Oil/Gas/Pipeline / BSEE / SAP

We are pleased to present a Maintenance Professional who is highly skilled with plant instrumentation and electrical work and has 15 years of maintenance supervisory experience in a union environment. Mike’s experience includes scheduling daily maintenance activities for contractors, I/E, and mechanical folks using SAP as the maintenance program for setting daily priorities. His electrical, instrumentation, maintenance, and reliability experience is expansive across gas plants, pipelines, manufacturing plants, and power. Mike also brings broad equipment experience and best practices implementation to the table which will keep your operation humming and prevent unplanned outages and failures!

This exceptional Maintenance Game Changer is now available to interview as he recently separated from his employer when the plant was sold and he left with a generous severance. Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity before he is snatched up as this level of experience and skills is rare! His notable experience includes:

• Managing a 25 million dollar a year maintenance budget, planning and for a 24/7 gas plant.
• Upgrading the 5kV switchgear used throughout the plant
• Upgrading the Solar generator controls to have a generator backup for power failures
• Holding safety meetings
• Assisting in developing a robust lockout/tagout program for the facility
• Maintaining and designing15kV power systems
• Oversaw the Title V Environmental Air Act for Wet Electric Static Precipitators installation at Owens Corning Fiberglas Company-wide
• Installing complete DCS systems.
• Maintained all records for fire and gas testing requirements for a Class A facility
• Responsible for the electrical and mechanical craft training program and new standards implementation
• Setup the new vibration monitoring program and training requirements.
• Develop SAP P/M’s for new equipment.
• Verify work is completed according to manufacturer and COPC engineering design specifications.
• Participated in the design of guidelines and specifications for electrical equipment including power generation, power swivels, cabling, raceways, PMS systems to meet project performance, reliability, and operability.
• Participated in technical analysis of bid reviews. Provided technical recommendations and approved purchases as per project approval guidelines.
• Supported all electrical commissioning procedures by following the activation of the electrical equipment and approved any electrical changes through the proper channeling.
• Provided support for inspections and factory acceptance tests for the electrical generation, distribution equipment, VSDs, and other related electrical equipment as needed.
• Developed the Spare Parts and Interchangeability Record used on the Phase II Bohai Bay project known as SPIR’S
• Responsible for maintaining and repairing all facility instrumentation including PLCs, differential pressure transmitters, and tank leveling systems for the KS pipeline.
• Managed union employees on the repair, installation, and maintenance of all plant instrumentation including, Foxboro, and Fisher Provox DCS systems, PLCs, and level control systems for electric melt furnaces.
• Writing Sequence Of Operations And Logic Diagrams
• Designing Field Process Control Loops / Instrumentation
• Check out, calibrate and troubleshoot field instruments
• Implementing system upgrades and modifications
• Specifying Field Process Control Loops / Instrumentation
• Troubleshooting Field Process Control Loops / Instrumentation
• Programming/configuring DCS, PLCs, and HMI systems
• Calibrating Field Process Control Loops / Instrumentation
• Calibrate and troubleshoot field instruments such as pressure and temperature transmitters
• Manufacturing Operations
• Paper Mill
• Construction Projects
• Compressor Stations
• Allen Bradley ControlLogix
• Emerson Delta V


  • BSEET / Pittsburg State University