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Human Resources Director (105829) / Automotive Tier 1 / Machining – Castings – Assembly Operations / IN based, willing to relocate

This “Game-Changing” HR Leader with 20+ years of manufacturing and automotive experience is now available to interview.  Don’t lose out on this opportunity to speak with this highly successful manufacturing HR Leader! 


Call me at 724 814 3791 or email at to set up a conversation!


  • A transformational leader with a proven track record of performance in managing strategic HR initiatives.
  • Responsible for the effective management and performance of all Human Resource related activities for 12 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. This includes talent management, succession planning, performance management, conflict resolution/complaint investigations, compensation and benefits, and employee relations.
  • Lead a team of 11 great H. R. Managers at each facility to provide mentoring/coaching and to offer solutions to some difficult situations (particularly staffing and recruiting)
  • Implemented a Talent Assessment program to identify our current Hi-Pos as well as Future Growth employees, to put together our succession plan for the Board.
  • Created a Self-Assessment for the hi-potential candidates to complete so the organization could decide what programs needed to be brought in to assist our hi-pos to get to the next level.
  • The go-to person to come up with potential options for difficult problems for the plants.
  • Multiple experiences in “Change Management,” due to the quick growth of the company and several large launches of the business.
  • Responsible for all hourly and salaried employees in the location which consisted of growing the facility from 450 employees to +800 in less than 1 year while remaining union-free.
  • Drove positive employee relation efforts using survey data and employee feedback to identify real and timely issues.
  • Instilled in my team the importance of customer service to all in our facility, no matter position.
  • Established a well-documented onboarding and orientation process for our hourly workforce.
  • The successful results of the turnaround brought additional business from Ford and Chrysler which doubled our volumes.
  • Applied for and received a Skills Enhancement Fund training grant from the State of Indiana in the amount of $106,000.00 and a second grant in the amount of $65,000
  • Led the charge to improve our safety performance which resulted in the Auburn plant receiving the Most Improved Plant award for the 2006 safety year (out of 41 Guardian plants) as well as receiving our first Gold Safety Award.
  • Provide strong expertise in area of organizational development working with the top 15 management staff to foster better working relationships.
  • Establishing training matrixes for each area of the plant in order to make sure each operator was “certified” and for cross-training and transfer purposes in order to ensure that operators were properly trained before transferring in order to prevent quality issues.
  • Turning Around Non Performing Plant Operations
  • Tier 1 Automotive Operations
  • CNC Machining Operations
  • Welding Operations
  • Assembly Operations
  • Absenteeism Injuries
  • Automotive Component Manufacturing
  • Glass Manufacturing Operations
  • Management Development
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Staff Retention
  • Recruitment / Staffing
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Organization Development
  • New Hire Employment Paperwork
  • Employment Law Compliance
  • Exit interviews
  • Improving Safety Performance
  • Change Management
  • Leading HR Professionals
  • Multiple Facilities Experience
  • Lean Training / Experience
  • Plant Surveys
  • Startup Operations
  • Training Matrixes
  • Non Union Manufacturing
  • Federal / State Regulation Compliance


  • DDI Certified Trainer
  • DDI Certified – Targeted Selection
  • 10-hour Osha Training Course in General Industry Safety & Health
  • Shop floor Kaizen Breakthrough Workshop
  • Advanced “The Human Element” Workshop (a FIRO Program) – Certified Trainer
  • Employment Law in Indiana



Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Concentration in Human Resources / Indiana Tech – Summa Cum Laude