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HSE Leader (196636) Refinery, Chemicals, Manufacturing / Multi-site

EHS Leader with 20 years of experience. Rick has led EHS programs for refinery, blending plants, warehouse, pipeline, bulk storage, and field operations. He is skilled in the WhyTree Fault and TapRoot processes. He has led EHS teams of up to 40 HSE techs and supervisors across multiple operations. He has also built and implemented successful programs from scratch for acquisitions. He is interested in finding a leadership opportunity where he can utilize his substantial EHS toolbox and skillset to make a difference and where he can be home at the end of the day.

Implemented a tiered inspection program across 43 facilities and field operations ensuring environmental, safety, and best practices compliance through regular verification.
• Developed a computer-based and classroom training program that resulted in a 50% decrease in cost and a sustained 100% training compliance and improved data retention.

Introduced behavior-based safety and this resulted in operating for 2 years with 1 recordable injury compared with 6 to 10 per year. This was accomplished while increasing work activity from 600k man hours up to 3.5M man-hours.
• Introduced case management training for supervisors and aggressive first aid training. Resulted in significant cost reductions.
Reduced lost days away from work which reduced Workman’s comp rates.
• Orchestrated OSHA Voluntary Protection Program Star Worksites at two facilities, receiving OSHA Outreach Star Status at each during the first year.
• Developed an incident management system that integrated leading and lagging indicators by assessing incident causal factors and a Behavior-Based Safety System (BBS). This combined “real-need” and prevention focus on the safety processes significantly reduced repetitive incidents and occurrences.
• Directed Health and Safety support for all operations within the corporation.
Lead a team of 40 Field HSE Technicians and field-based supervisors.
• Oversee HES aspects of remote arctic explorations project including Ice Road construction, mobile living quarters, temporary airstrip, and testing

• OSHA 1910
• Petroleum refinery processing facilities,
• Directed two teams located at two acid blending facilities
• Supports facilities from unmanned to 500 personnel locations with full-service lines
• Bulk Material Storage and transportation facility including dry material handling such and cement and barite and liquids such as drilling fluids, methanol, and bulk corrosion inhibitors
• Large scale warehousing operations
• Water handling operations
• Large scale remediation, grinding, and injection operations
• Oil and Gas industry fluids R&D and production laboratories.
• R.C.R.A – Administration of waste aspects of SQG and CESQG classified facilities
• S. W. P. P. Plan – Drafted and manage SWPP plans for facilities.
• S. P. C. C. Plan – Developed and implemented SPCC plans for facilities.

Formally trained and experienced in”
• WhyTree Fault tree methodology
• Taproot® System Improvement Inc.
• Critical List of Causes (CLC)

Workers Comp
• Management of field aspects of Workers Comp process
• Direct case management of injured workers
• Managed interface between Operator and Services Company personnel from both sides
• Process Safety Management (PSM)
• Integration of Personnel safety standard into PSM environment

• Refinery Plant Operations – BP
• Acid Blending Operations – Halliburton
• Warehouse Operations – BP, Chevron, Blue Ridge
• Construction Operations – Peak, BP, Blue Ridge
• Machining, Welding, Maintenance Operations – PEAK, Blue Ridge, BP
• Compressor / Pipeline Operations – Blue Ridge, Chevron
• Change Management
• Training Contractors on Site
• Risk Assessments
• Design Of Plans / Programs
• Liaison With State / Federal Regulatory Agencies
• State / Federal Reporting
• Negotiating with State / Federal Agencies
• Union and Non-Union Environments
• Reducing Recordables
• NPDES permits
• RCRA Permitting
• Stormwater Permitting
• Air Permitting
• Chemical Inventory program
• Emergency Response
• Investigating Accidents
• Maintaining Safety Records / Metrics
• Organizing / Scheduling Safety Meetings
• Conducting PHA Audits
• Industrial Hygiene
• Managing Safety Techs
• OSHA Recordkeeping
• Multi-plant Responsibility
• S.T.O.P. Safety Training Operators Program
• Safety Audits
• Safety Training

The Master’s College Santa Clarita, CA
Multnomah University Portland, OR