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Global Director VA-VE / DtV (164283) / Automotive Tier 1 / Certified Project Manager

Do you need to remove costs from your manufacturing?  Need a competitive advantage to your product?  Does your product have the features your customers will pay for?  If you said no to any of these, then let us introduce you to a two-legged solution!

We are excited to present a Global Director VA-VE and Operational Excellence who has literally written and executed the VA-VE playbook for 2 major Tier 1 Automotive companies. His methods include building strong teams, delivering training workshops, and developing key dashboards and metrics.  He is a BSME and a Certified Project Manager with a strong background in Operational Excellence, VA-VE, Continuous Improvement, Program Management, and Change Management. He is highly skilled at creating a culture of improvement, and accountability and is experienced in implementing new divisions and strategic directions. He has morphed VAVE disciplines into Design to Value as he expanded the program to expand into Involving Manufacturing, Engineering, Purchasing, Quality, Marketing and Suppliers/ Vendors in all his VAVE Projects to obtain better results.

His history in sales, project/program management, VA/VE deployment, and global leadership make him a profit machine as he looks like he is printing money through cost savings, process/product improvements, and strong relationships. He is willing to relocate.  His background includes:


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Director VA-VE / Operational Excellence (164283) / BSME / Certified Project Manager / Manufacturing / Will relo


Written and executed the VAVE Process and Playbook for two Major Tier1 Automotive company
• A diverse experience including Strategic Planning; VA-VE, Technical Cost Reduction & Cost Optimization; Business Development; Team Development, Program Management; Skillful Negotiations
• Over 10 years of successfully creating and leading VAVE divisions within Tier1 automotive suppliers.
• Lead and Develop Organizational Foundation for VAVE, Operational Excellence and CI- continuous improvement, create processes, guidelines,and establish a VA-VE department from the ground up.
• Implemented over $12.75M annual saving of VAVE in 2.5 yrs.
Developed and implemented Value Management projects and Continuous Improvement for North America
Created and implanted runner up Plastic Industry Innovative Idea of 2018 for F150 Bezel / annual saving $ 2.5M
Championed global efforts to create, develop process, guidelines, and establish a comprehensive VA-VE department from ground up
• Conducted workshops, develop and lead of 14 Program Management VA-VE teams at the plants
• Created Continuous Improvement communication channel by interacting with all other departments in the value chain: engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, operations, finance and sales
In 3 years accomplished over $11.5 Million while increasing profit margins
o Achieved $4.5 M for Ford Chassis
o Achieved $2.4M for Ford BIW
o Achieved $1.6M for Chrysler
o Achieved $3M for GM
• Led New Product Introduction (NPI) Team including risk management and Profit margins analysis
• Identify and mitigate in-scope changes,
o Resulting in Recovery of over $1.3 million of labor inefficiency
• Increased Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) from 68% to 91%
• Utilizing VA-VE and Continues Improvement process, which yielded over $160K in Technical Cost Reduction opportunities
Improved on program timing and milestones by 25% through

Leading Design to Value Projects
• Running VAVE Through Suppliers
• Evaluating Feature Values and Costs
• Managing NPD Projects Start to Finish
• Operational Excellence
• Selecting Components for Evaluation
• Validation Implementation Verification Process
• Driving Technology and Procurement Strategies
• Innovating New Solutions
• Idea Generation/Brainstorming
• Equipment Teardown
• Benchmarking
• Focus Groups
• NPD (New Product Development) Stage-Gate process
• Concept Phase
• Supplier Cost structure
• Value Analysis
• Cost Driver analysis
• Target Costing
• Lean Manufacturing
• Coordinating Projects With Multiple Departments
• Project Management
• Value Stream Mapping
• Leading Cross Functional Teams
• Earned Value Management
• Testing
• Supply Chain Management
• Developing Global Business Strategy
• Continuous Improvement
• Kaizen
• Six Sigma
• Working VAVE through Purchasing Team
• Root Cause Analysis

Education / Certifications
• Texas A&M University-Kingsville – BSME
• Certified Project Manager