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VP Engineering / Operations (174999) Masters / VAVE Green Belt

Operations and Engineering are the heartbeat of any manufacturing company. We are working with an Exceptional Global Value Engineering Leader with 25+ years of success in VA/VE projects. He has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, is a Six Sigma Green Belt, and holds a patent. His record of driving Strategy, Value Engineering, Product Development, and Best Practices in the Automotive, Defense, Heavy Trucks, and Specialty Vehicle industries is exemplary.

He has built and led global engineering teams of 250+. He has created, developed, and successfully executed VA/VE programs at several companies where he led 130+ projects. He is highly skilled at utilizing cost analysis in his projects. In short, this “Game Changer” has a track record of accomplishment in global engineering and operations management that will make you sit up and take notice.

He has become available in the market after an electric vehicle startup company closed operations due to COVID. This is an opportunity to raise the bar and your profits on your operations at the same time! His notable experience includes:

Effective in building/leading/mentoring medium to large innovative teams, implementing strategic corporate initiatives, and maximizing productivity to achieve profitable business objectives.
• Developing, training, and implementing VA/VE

• Hands-on professional adept in identifying/troubleshooting problems and providing direction and leadership in resolving fundamental, theoretical, and process engineering issues to successful full vehicle to launch.

• During VA/VE project we found that the battery assembly weighed 92 kilos
o Redesigned the battery tray and brought the weight down to 70 kilos
o Reduced the cost per unit significantly.

• Identified/implemented process improvements to reduce time wasted
o Improved output by 40%
o Improved quality 25%

• Responsible for identifying challenges and VA/VE opportunities across (14) Business Units made up of fire trucks, ambulances, school/transit buses, RVs, street sweepers, and terminal trucks.
• Using Lifecycle Cost Analysis on all programs/projects
• Implemented VA/VE program
o Managed 5 major VA/VE projects
o 20% over combined Engineering and Procurement target objectives by developing VAVE targets and roadmaps for engineering teams to resolve production issues.
• Reduced a new truck average component/material costs by 25%, by developing/delivering cost estimating tools so engineers can drive the correct engineering solution & negotiate to target cost with suppliers.
Ran a VA/VE program on the Terminal Truck product
o Discovered that we had 93 ft of MIG welding on the frame taking place at 5 stations and we produced 5 units a day.
o Compared our processes to bolted frames that other companies use
o We changed and improved the quality of steel while meeting standards
o Redesigned the product to a bolted frame assembly
o This resulted in reducing labor costs
o Achieved removing 200+ lbs. out of the frame
o This resulted in $9k per unit in savings

• Implemented an Issues/Engineering Change control process to assure timely, cost-effective development of programs that typically experience 1000+ documented changes.
• As a result of VA/VE project we devised modularity which reduced costs and gave the client a better selection of options across the platforms.
• Delivered in 2014 over $10M
• Realized an additional $40M in profit on revenue of $1BN by collaborating closely with (14) Business Unit Presidents, Purchasing, and Manufacturing VPs to determine and meet program objectives.

• Led recruitment for key positions, team building, and productivity of a total workforce of 250 engineers across all ASV programs.
• Developed and implemented training and program processes
• Managed and led 130+ VA/VE projects
• Managed all VA/VE projects with company and supplier personnel.
• Led Engineering Team through timely and profitable delivery of 15 major VA/VE projects and programs.
• Spearheaded VA/VE cost reduction effort that delivered 5% ($20M – $30M) YOY cost improvements.
• Ran a VA/VE project on a problem with truck bumper breaking during the cold.
o Redesigned bumper to have combined steel and plastic,
o Improved the aero qualities of the unit
o Improved the quality and customer value of the bumper assembly and solved the breakage problem
o Delivered $1.7M in cost savings.

• Managed the vehicle cab leakage department, improving all water leaks by 15%.
• Over delivered VA/VE cost target reduction by 5% YOY.

• Implementing VA/VE Programs from Scratch
• Managing Multiple VA/VE Projects at the Same Time
• Identifying Design to Value Projects
• VA/VE Product Development
• Validation Implementation Verification Process
• Driving Technology and Procurement Strategies
• NPD (New Product Development) Stage-Gate process
• Highly Engineered Product Projects
• Applying Engineering Theory to Problems
• Leading Value Analysis
• Using Design to Value Tools
• Should Cost Techniques
• Developing Modularity in Products
• Reviewing Supplier Cost Structure
• Internal / External Benchmarking
• Kano Model Analysis
• Using New Technologies to Improve Function
• Using Earned Value Management
• Using Lifecycle Cost Analysis on a Project – every company
• Value Stream Mapping
• Patent Holder
• Global Program Leadership
• Organizational Development
• Recruitment /Mentoring Engineers
• Global Team Building
• New Product Development
• Implementing Best Practices
• Problem Identification/Resolution
• Delivering Cost Reduction/Savings Targets
• New Product Launch


• M.S., Mechanical Engineering – Elasticity Languages: English
• B.S., Mechanical Engineering
• Six Sigma Green Belt