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VP, Director – VAVE / DtV (182643) MBA, Masters Mechanical Engineering

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the equivalent of a SuperBowl MVP on your team and what a competitive advantage that would be? Well, you need not wonder any longer because we are working I with a recognized Industry Leader in Design to Value and VA/VE.

He is a former McKinsey engagement manager and Design to Value expert specializing in Product Cost Management (PCM), should-cost disciplines, and software product management. This Game Changer has been researching and driving product profitability since 1996, when he published the seminal thesis on the topic and invented the world’s first practical CAD driven Feature Based Costing software. He is also a patent holder and holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He has used DtV / VAVE / should-cost programs to drive over $1B+ in savings. He is one of the most published experts in the world in should-cost, DtV, VAVE, and cost management. He has implemented dozens of programs from scratch and he is a Should Cost Expert. His business acumen, experience as a VAVE/DtV/Should Cost expert, education and track record of success make him a PROFIT MACHINE for any company lucky enough to bring him on board. His impressive background includes:

• Product cost management: Spend analytics, design-to-cost (DfC, DtC), should-cost, value analysis / engineering (VAVE), direct material reduction, 3D feature-based costing, design for manufacturing / assembly (DFM / DFA),
• Design-to-Value / VAVE: product and service teardowns, and ideation workshops, project charters
• He has used DtV / VAVE / should-cost to drive over a billion dollars in savings
• He was a DtV and Cleansheet (should-cost) expert and engagement manager in McKinsey & Company’s PDP (Product Development and Procurement) practice
• He was the founding CEO and Chief Product Officer at a leading software solution in 3D CAD-to-Cost product cost management)
Identified >$600 million of client savings with process improvement, cost modeling (Cleansheet), Design-to-Value, product cost management, RFQ / supplier negotiation, and modular design techniques in the last 4 years.
• Specialist in capability building at clients, helping them start-up grow DtV, product cost management, should-cost and spend analytics organizations, product strategy & go-to-market positioning (Implemented DtV & should-cost from scratch with 70% of clients he worked with).
• Cost Modeling: Delivered over 60 physics-based mechanistic models of product manufacturing should-cost
He is a published expert in should-cost, DtV, VAVE, cost management

Patent Holder


Master of Business Administration / Harvard Business School
• Notre Dame, Advanced Negotiation certificate
Master of Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering