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Senior Chemical Engineer (186657) Masters / Black Belt / 14+ yrs / Pilot Plant / R&D / Agrochemicals / Ethanol / Herbicides

Their LOSS IS YOUR GAIN!  We are working with an exceptional Detroit area Senior Chemical Engineer and Six Sigma Black Belt. She has a Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Her 14+ years of experience with two Fortune 500 companies include Pilot Plant, R&D, Plant Improvement, Process Development, Mechanical Engineering Support, Turn Around Engineering, Agrochemicals, and Ethanol BioRefinery. She also holds 4 patents and is passionate about applying engineering skills, improving processes, and delivering innovative solutions. Her track record of improvements and cost savings is in a word, IMPRESSIVE! A reorganization has closed her plant and their loss is your gain!

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Senior Chemical Engineer (186657) Masters / Black Belt / 14+ yrs / Pilot Plant / R&D / Agrochemicals / Ethanol / Herbicides


Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Project Leader
• 4 Years M&E Experience (Herbicide Plant and Bio-Refinery Plant)
10 Years R&D and Pilot Plant Experience
• Outstanding Documentation & Presentation Skill: 58 CRIs (Dow Central Research Reports)
• 4 Patents /  23 Invention Concept Disclosures
• Deep experience in Process Improvement, Optimization, and Scale-Up
• Skilled at Managing Stakeholders in Fast-Changing Project Environment
• Experienced in Process Analytical including GC, LC, LC-MS
• PFD and M&EB Development for Bio-Refinery Plant (110MM gallons of Ethanol/Yr.)
• Designed and Scoped Safe Acid (99% Sulfuric Acid) Distribution System for Plant
• Completed Mass and Energy Balance for the entire plant and delivered a “Cost Calculator” tool which the plant used to reduce costs by only making the value-added by-product
• I investigated the root cause of the problem by collecting process data, developing a piping model, proposing a cost-competitive solution to the problem, and safely implementing the solution.
     o The solution ensured 5-fold increase in water flow (5 to 25 gpm.)
• Returned 15 hours/week to operators for other productive activity
Process Optimization for “Louisiana Plant” Product Mix Improvement
• Improved Catalyst for “Louisiana Plant” Product Mix Improvement
o Timely evaluation quickly directed catalyst research towards a narrower selection of metal and carrier ratio
     o Led to the discovery of an improved catalyst
• Performance Verification of Catalyst Made with a Noble Metal Recovered from Spent Catalyst
     o ($720K savings/catalyst batch)
     o Ensured up to 30% cost savings per commercial catalyst batch production
• Performance Verification of Catalyst Made with a Precious Metal from an Alternative Source
     o ($150K savings/yr.) – enabled 10% lower price metal supply,
     o Reduced future catalyst cost & supply risk for business
• Kept the project moving forward by enabling application testing in epoxy hardeners, flexible packaging, shale swelling inhibitors, damage tolerant pipe coatings, maintenance, and protective coatings –
o Led to 9 patents provisional for my company in 2012
• My effort increased overall project value (NPV) from initial $5 MM to $210 MM
• Validated a 15-fold increased productivity with proper modification of the heat removal system.
• Chemical Plant Operations
• Refinery Operations
• Engineering Team Management
• Creating SOPs
• Process Safety Management
• Using Statistical Process Control
• Analyzing Plant Data
• Monitoring Data Collection
• Troubleshooting Process Units
• Optimizing Processes
• Increasing Yield
• Training Operators
• Reducing Operation Costs
• Troubleshooting Equipment
• Creating Project Specifications
• Capital Project Execution
• Managing Multiple Projects
• Developed Empirical and Mechanistic Reaction Design Model
• Design/evaluation of process unit operations
• Chemical Process Modeling
• Running Simulations

M.S. Chemical Engineering
B.S. Chemical Engineering,