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VP / Director Global Engineering (164269) Automotive MONEY MACHINE

Have you ever wished you had a money machine that was legal? Well, look no further, because we have one added one to our stable of Game Changers! His professional history looks like a never-ending waterfall of EBITDA improvements, cost savings, process improvements, productivity gains, and quality enhancements! What more remarkable is that he is has achieved this track record across multiple industries!!

MONEY MACHINE – VP / Director Global Engineering (164269) Automotive

This “Game Changer” is exploring new leadership opportunities!  Move quickly to stake your claim on this Manufacturing Money Maker with an impeccable track record of accomplishment.

• Have had up to 13 Direct Reports and responsibility for ~1400 employees.
10 years of Plant Management experience
14 years of experience in Driving Lean Manufacturing/ Continuous Improvement
4 Lean Implementations using TPS Methodology
4 Successful Plant Transformations
• 14 years of experience with the Toyota Lean Management
• 17 years of experience with High-Speed experience YOY
• 14 years of experience overseeing TPM
• Multi-site responsibility

• Largest OpCo in the organization – $1B in revenue
Improved First Pass Yield by 38% YoY
• Improved DPU by 27% Plant wide YoY
o Added stop gate inspections within the process takt time to keep defects from reaching next operation
Improved delivery to the customer by 33%
o Improved schedule compliance by the same %
Improved Cost (HPC) by 12.2% YoY
o Improved productivity in Fab by 22%
o Improved productivity in Tank and Canopy (bottleneck of the plants by 26.7%)
• Increased equipment reliability by 11.5%
• Improved Employee Engagement by 39% (measured by employee suggestion and kaizen participation) yoy
• Improved Supervisor/Manager development (lead leadership development classes)
Responsible for $3.5M in cost savings, efficiency (productivity) improvements
• Established and Standardized metrics and business operating system for all 3 plants
Increased equipment reliability by 33% in Plant 1 and Plant 2 by 25%
Improved productivity in Plant 1 by 11%, Improved efficiencies by 5% in plant 2
• Improved profitability by 22% in year one
• Decreased CONQ by 14% (utilized engineering team as well as employee suggestions for improvements)
• Implemented a robust TPM process to improve equipment reliability and improved plant OEE in a short period of time from 65% to 73% OEE.
Improved MTBF by 19%
• Improved MTTR by 6%
• Implemented scrap reduction programs plant-wide – cost savings of $30K/month.
• Initiated, with the plant leadership team, cost-saving programs of $1.1M for 2016 to hit the bottom line
Increased EBITDA Performance by 9% in less than 22 months
Reduced Plant PPM from 970 PPM to 187 PPM in the first year (improvements sustained)
• Reduced Safety IR from 4.6 to 1.87 (most significant improvement in the corporation)
Improved Delivery from 64% to 95% while reducing Premium Freight by $125K (Plant had run $400K – $500K past due for years – we became current within 3 months and sustained).
• Reduced overtime by 85% and labor cost by increasing efficiency in all cells across the plant
In the first year achieved $1.7M in Value Creation Projects (Savings headed straight to bottom line)
Improved productivity by 20% by implementing Lean Principles and methodologies as well as visual management
Reduced scrap by 58% by challenging and pushing our engineering department for Poka Yokes and more operator
Reduced tool crib inventory by $350K out of $1.1MAchieved year over year improvement in ALL plant metrics and increased machine OEE
Achieved 99% on-time delivery improved from 42% while reducing overage inventory by 30%


  • Course work in Masters Mechanical Engineering program –  ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYB.S. in Mechanical Engineering – IOWA STATE UNIVERSITYPre-Engineering – SOUTHEASTERN COMMUNITY COLLEGE
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Lean Certified
  • TPM Certification