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Master Black Belt, Product / Process Design, Quality (217308) Automotive / GM, FORD, GE, Tier 1

He is Impressive! Game-Changing Product, Process Design, and Quality Professional with 20+ years of experience in the automotive sector. He is an ASQ Six Sigma Master Black Belt who has led many project design and manufacturing projects. He is ASQ Certified Design for Six Sigma and a certified VA/VE Facilitator. He has put this training to reap a truly impressive track record of improvements in design, cost, and processes. He has a resume that speaks for itself and has delivered “millions” for the companies that were smart enough to have them on their manufacturing team!

His broad experience includes Die Casting, Vacuum Pressure Casting, and casting process design. He has performed over 800 PPAPs and 104 product launches and trained over 80 green belts! This incredible talent is looking at new opportunities. Don’t delay as this calibre of skills, experience, and track record won’t last long! His notable experience includes:

• A Six Sigma expert with 20+ years of experience specializing in Six Sigma techniques for Transactional Analysis, design development and evaluation, product launch of global products and suppliers, and logistics.
• Assignments in supplier and product development have included work experience in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Brazil, Australia, England, Germany, France and Spain. Developed Six Sigma, project management, and human capital training and technical development to advance the market position, production, and delivery while installing continuous improvement as the corporate discipline for continuous growth.
• I have 8 patents, my work has been featured in trade magazines 4x,
• Design Engineer / Project Leader for diesel engine emissions projects identifying and recovering over $21.1M for design and manufacturing opportunities resulting in 8 patent applications.
Cost Reduction Team Leader with $37M in actual savings in first 3 years realized in the review of design, materials, methods of manufacturing, and logistics.
My VA/VE and CI initiatives have summarily totaled over $40M
Master Black Belt lead in manufacturing and design projects.
Establish Launch Readiness timing and manufacturing strategies projecting First Time Yield from DFSS studies, DFM studies, GD&T, dimensional tolerance analysis, and clamping and joining sequences
Developing optimized tooling and gages for quality processes for vehicle projects.
• Recent high-priority projects for design and manufacturing of existing product improvement solutions efforts currently totaling over $12K in productivity per day with cycle time improvements.
• Develop designs and manufacturing equipment and quality protocols with dimensional variation analysis of GD&T features and specifications,
• Design for Six Sigma methodologies and Design for Manufacturing Studies utilizing 3DCS and QDM DCS software.
• Establish Launch Readiness timing and manufacturing strategies
• Developing optimized tooling and quality processes for new projects for vehicles and special projects.
• Master Black Belt lead in high-priority projects for design and manufacturing of existing products developing improvement solutions greater than $250,000 per year with efforts totaling over $12M in productivity increases and cycle time improvements.
• Develop and train Green Belts, Black Belts, and Core Tools for six sigma team projects along with a structured program guide that tracks multiple projects through DMAIC, DMADV, DFSS, and DFM phases.
• Launch Engineer / Black Belt– Design for Six Sigma techniques utilized in new programs launch phase of Engines for optimizing design, process, logistics, and cost.
• Perform component development and process surveys to analyze design, production, and quality with a value stream map, root cause analysis, and a weighted improvement plan for optimization strategies and remanufacturing of new and carry-over parts.
• Develop process flow plans and CAD/CAM fabrication for Rapid Prototyping of electronic, plastic, and metal components and systems for advanced vehicle builds.
• Developed Process Studies for Feasibility and Cost / Benefits Analysis.

ASQ Master Black Belt
• Vacuum Pressure Casting
• High-Pressure Die Casting
• Casting Process Design
• Automotive Castings

• Ensuring Dimensional
• Troubleshooting Processes
• Conducting Design Reviews
• Ensuring New Product Review Process
• Launch Engineering Activities
• Product Development
• Product Engineering
• Ensuring Quality Standards
• Using ERP Systems
• Gage R&R
• GD&T Experience
• Taking Corrective Action
• Design Of Experiments (DOE)
• Developing Cost Effective Manufacturing Processes
• Developing Performance Metrics
• Developing Production Plans
• Flatness / Straightness Tolerances
• Tier 1 / Tier 2 Automotive
• PPAP Specialist

• Control Charts
• Control System Design
• Create / Process FMEAs
• Dimensional Tolerancing
• Engineering Change Notification
• ERP Systems
• Training Green Belts
• Supplier Development
• Data Acquisition
• Process Control
• Developing Cost Effective Manufacturing Processes
• Developing Performance Metrics
• Developing Production Plans
• AutoCAD
• 3D Printer
• Minitab

• Bachelors Degree Graduated Summa Cum Laude
• ASQ Certified Master Black Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt,
• ASQ Design for Six Sigma
• ASQ Certified Quality Auditor
• Certified Facilitator for VA/VE (Value Analysis / Value Engineering).