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Maintenance Manager (219202) Automotive, Chemical / Detroit Area

Detroit area Maintenance Manager with an exceptional record of leadership and a rich history in facility engineering, project management, operations, maintenance management, and EHS. He came up thru progressive maintenance roles supporting Fiat Chrysler FCA manufacturing operations. He handled all areas of facility and plant maintenance. He successfully managed $30M a year in CAPEX projects. He is a Maintenance Leader who contributes heavily to improving the bottom line as he has demonstrated in his resume!

He is currently employed as a Maintenance Manager but is interested in exploring new opportunities in the Detroit area. He brings a stellar track record of performance, improvements, and cost savings to the table and would be a great addition to any manufacturing operation looking to improve their OEE, reduce downtime or upgrade existing equipment. His notable experience includes:

Reduced the use of contracted maintenance services by 15%
• Restructuring the maintenance staff to achieve a 20% reduction and an overall annual cost saving of more than $210K.
Increased equipment uptime by improving focus and content of scheduled maintenance tasks.
Handled $30M/Yr CAPEX
• Chaired Pillar meetings setting facility policies and improvement objectives and targets
o Achieved an average annual savings of $400k and a 60% improvement in workplace safety since 2011.
Achieved a 90% plus recycling status through petitioning the EGLE approval for the use of wastewater treatment plant filter cake for beneficial use as alternate daily cover.
Chaired committees standardizing preventive and predictive maintenance activities throughout the Assembly Division including setting and maintaining spare parts inventories.
• Managed capital improvement projects for facilities, body, paint, trim, chassis, and final shops focusing on ergonomic, quality, productivity and throughput issues.
• Supervised Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) coordinators and TPM specialists in the development of continuous improvement projects including training, scheduling, resource leveling, and reporting of maintenance, production, and safety activities.
• Led rehab / upgrade of existing paint shop equipment and automation for a major model launch.
• Infrastructure improvements included reverse osmosis system, ultra-filtration system, full emersion conveyors, carriers / skids, and controls conversion from PLC-3 and PLC-5 to Control Logix processors.
Implemented use of computerized maintenance system (CMMS) and championed CMMS use plantwide for all skilled trades.

• Maintenance Team Leadership
• Automotive Manufacturing
• Manufacturing / Production Maintenance
• Chemicals
• Computerized Maintenance Management Software CMMS
• Safety Layered Process Audits
• Rehab / Upgrade Of Existing Shop Equipment
• Restructuring the Maintenance Staff
• Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility
• Powerhouse
• NPDES Permit Compliance
• Environmental Compliance
• Equipment Installation
• Fire Systems Maintenance
• Fork Truck Operation
• Grievance Resolution
• Grounds Keeping
• Hazardous Waste Disposal
• Kaizen Events
• Lockout / Tagout
• Mechanical Maintenance
• MSDS Material Lists
• Multicraft Unionized Workforce
• Planned Outages / Turnaround experience
• Single/ Three Phase Motors
• Supervising Contractors
• Troubleshooting Problems
• Assigning Work Orders
• HVAC Systems Maintenance
• Physical Plant Maintenance
• Campus Complex Maintenance
• Commercial Building / Facilities Maintenance
• Contracted Maintenance Services
• Robotics Maintenance
• PLCs
• HMIs
• Vision Systems
• Updating Big 3 Auto Paintshop Automation System
• Pneumatic Systems
• Wastewater Treatment Systems
• CAPEX Project Management
• Contract Maintenance
• Conveyors
• DC Motors
• Dismantling / Moving Equipment
• Distributed Control Systems
• AutoCAD
• ABB / Fanuc Robots