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General Manager (125452) Automotive / Black Belt, PE, CQM, CQE, CPM,

CAN Your Leadership Show You The Money? This Automotive Component Plant Manager with 20+ years in manufacturing companies CAN!! He has 18 years as a Plant Manager in charge of diversified business units manufacturing parts for different customers. This bi-lingual Engineering Talent rose through the ranks after standing out in performance and leadership skills. He has also attained certifications as a Six Sigma Black Belt, a CQM Quality Manager, a Certified Project Manager, and a PE Professional Engineer. He has led manufacturing teams ranging from 230 to 1700 members. He is a metrics-driven manufacturing professional who knows how to lead a team to improve performance. He has been recognized by GM for excellence! He is currently employed as a General Manager manufacturing components for the automotive/truck OEMs.

His results since taking over this underperforming operation is nothing short of IMPRESSIVE! He improved EBITDA 30% in the 1st year alone! He has since achieved all of his goals with his current company and has confidentially decided to explore new leadership opportunity If you are looking for proven leadership who can absolutely make magic for your operations, pick up the phone now and let us connect you to this Game Changer before your competitor does!

• Improved EBITDA for 30% in the first year.
• Achieved IATF16949 Certification.

• Moved company from red flagged bottom list supplier to top 25 supplier
• Improved Plant Efficiency from 67% to 88%.

• Launch successfully GM program over $350M in sales for 7 platforms
o Shipped over 4 million parts from Jan 2015 to July 2016 with 0 PPMs. •

  • Win GM Supplier Excellence Award   (April 2016)
  • 5 years with 0 miss shipments and 0 expedites, 
  • Improved inventory turns from 6 to 22 turns 
  • Achieved scrap reduction from 3.0 % to 0.25%, 
  • OEE improved from 82% to 92% 
  • Led the Business Revenue $500M / 1700 Employees
  • Improve from 25 days lead time to 5 days Tack time days
  • Reduce customer PPM’s from 15 PPMs to 5 PPMs.
  • Leading a team of 750
  • Injection molding, wave solder, automated, painting, stamping, ultrasonic weld, resistance weld, cut/strip/crimp, assembly.
  • Improve inventory turns from 8 to 22 turns.
  • Improved Parts per Personal per hour from 9.5 PPPH to 15.4 PPPH.
  • Experienced in developing, leading, and implementing growth and improvement strategies that meet/exceed overall Corporate Profitability.
  • Support Production System and Business Planning System, Promoting and supporting the leaders committed to developing and coaching teams to be successful,
  • Creating value through Toyota Production System, eliminating waste by implemented Value Stream Map process.
  • Focus on continuous improvement and best practice through lessons learn, read-across, LPAs (Layer process Audits), Six Sigma, Kaizen Events, Total Productive Maintenance implementation, Kan-Ban.


• Engineering Degree / Electronic Instrumentation and Control Engineer


Six Sigma Black Belt
• Lean Certified
• Certified Project Manager
• Certified Quality Engineer
• Certified Quality Manager
• Certified Toyota Production Sys.
• Professional Engineer / PE