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Environmental Engineer (197934) Masters / Certified Industrial Hygienist CIH / Registered Geologist

Highly Experienced Environmental Hydrogeology Engineer with 20+ years of experience. He has a Masters’s, Bachelors and Associate’s degree and has completed course work towards his Ph.D. He has a long list of Professional Environmental Development training and certifications under his belt as well. He has worked for a state department of environmental quality which affords him a unique perspective of having worked both sides of the fence in ensuring environmental compliance. His environmental experience is across 10 different states. He is experienced with NPDES, Solid Waste, Storage Tank, and Title V permitting. He is single, renting, and willing to relocate. His notable experience includes:

•10+ years of environmental regulatory experience as a case manager hydrologist in the public regulatory sector as well as 10 years of project experience in environmental, hydrogeological, geophysical, hydrological, geotechnical, and engineering consulting.
• Managed, implemented, and direct oversight on multi-million-dollar projects. This included projects ranging from water resources management and sourcing, dewatering, environmental assessment to corrective/remedial action of soil and groundwater contamination or RI/FS-RFIs, ASTM Phase I-III ESAs, ASTM methodologies, and projects in a variety of states.
• Have extensive experience at solid waste landfills, industrial, commercial, mining, energy, pipeline, underground/above ground storage tanks, water resources, and petrochemical refining projects with Federal and state regulatory compliance, technical report writing, multi-media field sampling, and marketing of client services.

Environmental Experience in:

• Ohio
• Pennsylvania
• West Virginia
• Virginia
• Kentucky
• Indiana
• Tennessee
• Michigan
• Mississippi
• Georgia
• Florida
• Arizona
• Ohio EPA and BUSTR


Negotiating With Regulatory Agencies – 10 states
• Enforcing EPA Regulations
Environmental Regulator Experience
• Ensuring Environmental Compliance
• Hazardous Waste Management
• Environmental Control Plans
• Surface Mining Operations
• Fixing Environmental Problems
• Bulk Distribution Facilities
• RCRA Closures
• TSCA Regulations
• Collect samples of liquid and solid wastes for analysis
• Risk Analysis
• Soil Pollution
• Soil Remediation
• Injection Wells
• Spill Prevention
• Toxic Release Inventory
• Stack Testing
• State / Federal Reporting
• TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) regulations
• Stormwater Management
• NPDES Permitting
• Solid Waste Permitting
• Storage Tank Permitting
• Title V Emissions Permitting
• SARA Regulations
• Emissions Modeling –


• M.S. Geophysics, Hydrogeology , and Engineering Hydrology / Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio
• B.S. Petroleum Geology/Engineering -Geophysics and Mathematics / University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
• A.B. Biology/Chemistry-Environmental Studies / Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio