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Engineering Manager, PE, MS (188382)

It is said that “Leadership is not a title, it is ACTION and EXAMPLE!” We are working with an exceptional Operations, Engineering, and Plant Manufacturing Manager that fits this description! He has expertise in the chemical, plastics, assembly, GMP products, and automotive industries. He is a Certified PE Professional Engineer, is Lean Certified, and has a Masters in Chemical Engineering.

He has led Engineering, and Operations teams to turn plant losses into profits! His experience includes blending, batch manufacturing, heat treat, molding, and extrusion operations. His track record of solving problems and optimizing processes in large international as well as smaller organizations is impressive. This exceptional Leader had his position eliminated in a COVID reorganization and is looking for a new challenge. He is willing to relocate

• Manufacturing leader for new model launches, all engineering activities, maintenance & tooling of multiple plants including direct supervision of Department Managers and Senior Engineers.
• Additional responsibility included being a global leader for AVO operations leading a team of 30 specially selected leaders for over 50 international plants.
In first years of taking over plant obtained profit for the first time in 16 years.
• Led three teams of 8, 9, and 17 engineers for Coatings, injection molding, and assembly departments. The maintenance engineering department consisted of two engineers and 16 technicians.
Worked closely with plant department managers in a plant of 1300 growing to 1800 to identify needs to supply additional needed capacity for products without resources having to significantly increase.
• Led engineering & manufacturing team on reactor shutdowns, turn arounds and startups within tough timing requiring significant effort.
• Identified bottleneck problems with diffusion system to reduce off quality production saving over $75K
Direct line managed produced record output with minimized downtime and highest quality level of all international lines making similar products exceeding all OEE.
Also managed larger capital projects for plants.
• During last five months, consecutive all-time production records were set while maintaining the best quality and safety record in the system for the previous two years.
• Received Excellent Award for the dramatic turnaround.
• Within a one-year period manufacturing costs improved from a loss of -$15M to a profit of +$7M.

Team Leadership (15/500)
• Chemical Manufacturing 8 years
• Cell Manufacturing Operations
• Batch Manufacturing Operations
• Blending Operations
• Welding Operations
• Assembly Operations
• Fabrication Operations
• Coating Operations
• Forming Operations
• Thermoforming Operations
• Injection Molding Operations
• Fabrications Operations
• Heat Treat Operations
• Painting Operations
• Non-Destructive Testing
• Metal Finishing Operations
• Robotic Trimming Operations
• Pressing Operations

• Shipping / Receiving Operations
• Automotive / Component Manufacturing
• Coatings Manufacturing
• Equipment Parts / Component Manufacturing
• Lighting / Component Manufacturing
• Textiles Manufacturing
• Plastics and Components Manufacturing
• Pulp / Paper Manufacturing
• Petrochemical Manufacturing
• High Volume Manufacturing
• Continuous Improvement Projects
• Process Optimization / Process Troubleshooting
• Demand Planning
• Driving Cost Reduction
• Ensuring Future Material Availability
• WIP Inventory Management
• Meeting Manufacturing Delivery Targets
• Increasing Production Capacity
• Increasing Throughput
• Reducing Scrap
• Holding Kaizen / Kanban Events
• Implementing Lean into Manufacturing

• Master of Chemical Engineering
• Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Lean Certified
• Professional Engineer PE