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Engineering Manager (105874) Automotive – Appliances / Masters / Black Belt / PE

She is in a word…..AWESOME! She is a result-driven, innovative engineering leader with 15+ years of extensive experience leading teams and initiatives focused on product design, VA/VE, and cost improvement. She is a MSME, a PE/Professional Engineer, and a Six Sigma Black Belt.

In talking with her, you will find that she is passionate about and loves Value Engineering and working with all the moving parts including engineering, purchasing, and vendors to optimize a product for cost and features. She advises that she has uncovered some impressive cost reduction ideas from vendors who were long ignored from a “not invented here” culture! As a highly-skilled technical team leader/ project manager, she has built a track record of regularly meeting or exceeding objectives. Her engineering experience spans the entire product life cycle, from commercial and business pursuit through launch support, post-launch changes, and technology updates. Her skills are best summed up by the recommendations of others:

“I am impressed with her ability to make sound decisions, her meticulous and thorough project management skills, and persistence in pursuing objectives,”
“Her passion to thoroughly research, completely understand, effectively plan, and successfully deliver is matched by a relative few. “
“She has used innovative thinking to provide opportunities and efficiencies in areas beyond her area of direct responsibility”
“In all cases, she demonstrated skills above and beyond other participants and facilitators. Her training and skills from her work experiences at General Electric were very apparent.”
“She is very creative in pursuing alternative solutions and in asking “why not?”
“She knows the fundamentals of how to improve company financials and would be a valuable asset in any production industry”

She is GE trained, is an innovator and has made he employers millions! Her impressive history includes:

• Provided direction for cost reductions to the various engineering customer teams.
• $8 Million to be delivered toward 2020 cost reduction task, meeting VAVE task.
• Delivered $6 Million in cost reductions for NA plants in 2019.
• Reduced PU truck seat warranty by 60%, to within customer’s target, and decreased SUV’s warranty by 25%.

• Assembled a small team of engineers to generate and prioritize cost reduction ideas and assist product teams with idea implementation.
• Delivered $18.6 Million in savings within North American over 3.5 years via team leadership.
• Introduced workshop process improvements to increase the throughput of feasible ideas by 25%.
• Improved cost reduction workshop process, both internally and with suppliers, to increase the number of generated VA/VE ideas and implemented savings.
• Exceeded 2011 cost reduction task by 25% by mid-year.
• Led benchmarking team to create refrigerator lighting study for new product proposal.
• Led current model engineering team for VA/VE projects on instrument panels (IP), consoles, door trim, and associated wire harnesses.
• Exceeded cost reduction targets over each of four years resulting in over $12 Million of savings thru cost reduction team leadership.
Coached Enfield, England plant Simultaneous Engineering Team Manager to deliver 190% of target in the two years following consultation.
• Reduced cost of purchased parts by improving and managing supplier generated VA/VE ideas on door trim, instrument panels (IPs), consoles and seats.
• Decreased purchased part costs by 23% by improving quality of supplier generated ideas.
• Improved supplier relationships by negotiating appeals of 20 non-standard cost reduction ideas.
• Created generic modular door system economic benefit examples for marketing presentations which increased customer receptiveness by 60%.
• Analyzed economic feasibility of 15 modular door systems, both domestic and European, worth $25 Million of new business opportunity which resulted in a letter of intent worth $5 Million of new revenue.
• Saved $2.1 Million in purchased parts costs leading three (3) multi-functional development teams.

• P.E. Licensed Professional Engineer
• Value Engineering
• Value Stream Mapping
• Design for Manufacturing
• Engineering Management
• Manufacturing Engineering
• Lean Six Sigma Black Belt -Visteon / Lear
• Program Management
• Design for Manufacture and Assembly (Boothroyd Dewhurst methodology)
• Product Design and Verification/ Testing
• Cost Reduction Workshop Set-up and Facilitation
• Technical Leadership
• Value Stream Mapping
• Supplier Management
• Warranty Improvement
• Benchmarking
• Evaluating Feature Values and Costs
• Selecting Components for Evaluation
• Brainstorming / Innovating New Solutions
• NPD (New Product Development) Stage-Gate process
• Highly Engineered Products
• Onion Peel Model


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Acuity Institute
• Certificate of Achievement in Management Excellence American Management Association
PE / Professional Engineer State of Ohio (reciprocity available)
• GE Edison Engineering Program GE Corporation, Fairfield, Connecticut


• MS in Mechanical Engineering
• BS Mechanical Engineering (Magna Cum Laude)