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Engineering and Maintenance Reliability Manager (192507) CMRP / Will relo

Swiss Army knives are great tools that do it all. Who wouldn’t want an Engineering/Maintenance Leader with diverse leadership experience in plant management, maintenance leadership, project management, cost controls, and engineering design on their plant leadership team? Sure but where does this unicorn exist? THE ANSWER IS RIGHT HERE!

He is highly skilled in planning and running Maintenance/Reliability, turnarounds, and Capital Projects in the chemical industry. He is a Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional whose hands-on leadership demonstrates the highest level of performance, and management of costs and assets to maximize the return on investment. He has held progressive roles in chemical manufacturing and has amassed a track record of improving performance in production, productivity, equipment uptime, cost savings, and safety, Get into a conversation with him and you soon discover he has a passion for applying continuous improvement to work processes and resource utilization. Plus it gets better! He is willing to relocate!

Skilled in engineering/maintenance/turnarounds/capital project
• 3 yrs. direct engineering/design – Chemical
• 3 years direct Project Engineering/Maintenance/Reliability -Pulp & Paper/Power Generation
• 21 years direct Maintenance/Reliability/Turnaround/Capital Project/Plant Management – Chemical
• 8 years Project Management/Project Controls Management/Contract Management – Refining/Chemical

• Led culture change management for an organization improving safety performance from a 4.0 Total Injury Frequency Rate (TIFR) with 2 separate Lost Workday cases, to a current safety performance of 0.0 TIFR for two-plus years, with zero Lost Workday cases, zero Recordable Injuries, and eighteen months zero First Aid cases.
Achieved record annual production rates in 2008, and 2011, along with record production rates for best month, best week, and best single day.
• Implemented continuous monitoring of key process variables, and development of key operating targets with ownership of those targets being operator owned.
o Improved production yields by 15%
Provided regular technical engineering support and guidance in the scope development and cost estimation of capital projects for both Mechanical and Instrument/Electrical/Controls.
Established safety performance guidelines and expectations to ensure workplace safety was significantly improved from an Incident Rate of over 8.0 prior to 2003 to less than 1.0 beginning calendar
• Re-organized Maintenance structure and organization consistent with Asset Management Strategy and philosophy.
• Initiated full utilization of SAP Computerized Maintenance Management System including preventive Maintenance Plans, backlog management, priority coding, and equipment failure tracking.
• Established Preventative Maintenance Plans with supervisors and planners utilizing SAP and a streamlined reliability-centered maintenance approach, including vibration/condition monitoring program, and infra-red thermography monitoring where practical.
• Provide leadership to a team of planners, engineers, and technicians in support of routine plant operations and maintenance activities, as well as plant turnarounds.
• Provided leadership for the formation and transition a new plant team comprised of Maintenance and Operational planners, schedulers, technical advisors, and support personnel. This team fostered the maintenance work processes which.
o Increased operational uptime.
o We were running under 12,000 barrels/day and raised it to 14,500 barrels/per day.
o Improved, equipment reliability and reduced needed turnarounds by 50%
o Achieved cost reductions of $12M down to $8M on the maintenance budget.

Responsible for the planning and execution coordination of major maintenance and repair, catalyst changeout, and plant shutdown activities achieving the goal of
o No injuries
o No environmental impacts
o On-time completion of the planned schedule
o Cost expenditure at or underestimated budget for outages in the last 5 years.

• Provided engineering technical support in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil, and process operations capacities for troubleshooting maintenance and operational problems.
• Provided front-line direction and leadership to Maintenance Planning and Support Team consisting of planners, scheduler, engineers, advisors, and clerical/administrative personnel.
• Implemented planning and scheduling CMMS for daily planned maintenance activities
Implemented equipment Preventative Maintenance activities, and Predictive Maintenance tools and strategies achieving the highest on-stream equipment availability in plant history, 100% for 20 consecutive months.
• Initiated methodology to track and analyze equipment failures thereby reducing maintenance and repair costs.

• Developing Standard Operating Procedures
• Ensuring Process Equipment Application Suitability
• Equipment Utilization Metrics
• Establishing Written Procedures
• Managing PM Work Orders
• Eliminating Work Order Backlogs
• Mechanical Integrity Maintenance Training
• Process Safety Management (PSM)
• Reducing Mechanical Breakdowns
• Maintaining ASME Certifications on Pressure Vessels
• Maintaining Mechanical Integrity Documentation
• Maintaining Process Equipment Inspection Documentation
• API Codes / ASME Codes / ISA Codes
• Asset Integrity Management systems
• Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
• Failure Analysis Investigations
• Finite Element Method
• Identifying Equipment Deficiencies
• Improving Equipment Reliability
• Inspection / Testing Task Planning
• Inspection, Testing and Preventive Maintenance (ITPM) plans
• Management of Change (MOC)
• Reliability Centered Maintenance
• Reliability Modeling
• Risk Analysis
• Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
• Corrosion Analysis
• Design Failure Analysis
• Fatigue / Creep Analysis
• Fault Tree Analysis
• Non-Destructive Testing
• Testing Process Equipment
• Thermal Stress Analysis
• Thermography
• Vibration Fatigue Analysis, alignment
• Weibull Analysis
• Training Contractors on Processes

Education & Certifications         

  • Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Technology (Process Control) University of Houston
  • Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional #02035 – Society for Maintenance Reliability Professionals
  • Industrial Fire Fighter Training – Texas A&M, College Station, TX
  • Incident Command Training – Texas A&M, College Station, TX