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Controls Engineer ( 191593) MBA / BSEE / Project Management

Indianapolis area Controls Engineer with 6 years of industry experience. He has a BSEE and has an MBA from Missouri State. He also has a graduate certification in Project Management.

He has developed, programmed, debugged maintained, and upgraded a variety of PLCs and robot types including welding robots, assembly robots, warehouse robots, inspection robots, material handling robots, and welding robots. He is skilled in a broad variety of industry software including Siemens S7 and Tia. He is currently employed but is planning to move to Indianapolis and is looking for a permanent position supporting manufacturing operations. Grab him before he is gone!

• Programmed, designed, and debugged integrated systems with electrical and pneumatic components in the automotive welding industry.
• Working with collaborative robots.
• Created a new product line for the company called CoboWeld, featuring MIG and TIG versions.
o A collaborative Universal Robot welding robot allowing simple programming of a range of welds. Features both MIG and TIG welding, as well as advanced features such as part location by touch sense, feature transpose, overlaying weaving patterns onto the weld path and pulsating cold wire feed for TIG welding.
o Started the program, developed and wrote the software to handle the interface, communication, and robot control.
o Created the programs to calculate part locations based on touching o on the part, as well as the programs to calculate the locations of the weld path.
• Programmable Automation
• Automatic Assembly Machines
• HMI – Human Machine Interface
• PCs
• Variable Frequency Drives VFDs
• Servo Systems
• Embedded Controllers
• Analog Circuits
• Digital Circuits
• Pneumatic Systems
• Optical Inspection
• Vision Systems
• Material Handling Robots
• Welding Robots
• Inspection Robots
• Assembly Robots
• Palletizing Robots
• Warehouse Robots

• Production Inspection Robots
• Connecting VFD to Control Networks
• Control System Design
• Dismantling Equipment
• Documentation Packages
Allen Bradley PLCs
• Rockwell PLCs
• Siemens PLCs
• Mitsubishi PLCs
• ABB Robots
• Fanuc Robots
• Motoman Robots
• Yaskawa Robots
• Welding Robots

• Drive Configuration
• Equipment Design
• Equipment Upgrades
• Setup Automation
• Automated Welding Applications
• Automation Project Management
• General Manufacturing Automation
• Original Equipment Manufacturer Automation
• Inspection / Test Automation
• 3D CAD
• AutoCAD
• Autodesk Inventor
• C#
• C++
• .NET
• ControlLogix
• DeviceNet
• VB
• Ethernet IP
• HMI Programs
• Java
• LadderLogic
• Linux OS
• Matlab
• PanelBuilder
• PanelView
• PLC-5
• Python
Siemens PLC S7
• Siemens PCS7
• Siemens S7-1200
• Siemens S7-300

• SolidWorks 3D modeling
• Visual Basic
• VMware


MBA Master of Business Administration
• Graduate Certificate in Project Management
• B.S. Electrical Engineering – 2