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Chemical Plant Engineer (216468) BS Chemical Engineering / Refinery, Chemical Plant, Cracker

Chemical Engineer with 7 years of progressive experience in refinery/cracker/Chemical plant operations. He left his position with the largest oil and chemical plant in Russia to immigrate to the United States. Communicates very well in English with short pauses to process your questions. His experience and time breaks down this way: Daily plant operations 50%: Equipment /process troubleshooting 25%; Training operators 25%

He has his US Work Authorization and Social Security Card. His Green Card is expected in April or May 2023. He is currently located in NY and is looking for a permanent role in the chemical/refinery industry.  He is renting and is willing to relocate anywhere in the United States. He is anxious to get started with a company where he can apply his skills and refinery/chemical plant expertise and experience. This engineer has proven skills and experience and has priced himself aggressively ad he is looking for an opportunity to prove his value. His notable experience includes:

• Responsible for starting/stopping equipment, preparing for repairs, servicing pumps and compressors, sampling, and more.
• As a result of this work, I was able to collaborate with partners from Yokogawa, and Honeywell, and also gain a huge range of experience and knowledge.
• Implementation of the production plan, safe conduct of the production process
• Control/adjustment of the technological regime of pyrolysis furnaces.
• Working with various contractors and licensors (Linde, Renaissance, Yamata, and others)
• Checking the installation of process equipment and lines.
• Safeguarding compliance with the norms of the technological regime
• Participating in tests at the manufacturer’s facilities and acceptance of column equipment, tanks and vessels, and rotating equipment (such as compression and pumping units)
• Trial running of such equipment, and engineering processes control.
• Provision of sampling of products and gas from the installation.
• Trained Operators
• Chemical Plant Operations
• Refinery Operations
• Petrochemicals
• Polymers
• Olefins
• Identify Opportunities for Margin, Energy Improvements
• Ensure Optimization of catalyst /chemicals Usage
• Preparation of the Equipment For Repair And Operation
• Monitoring Plant Performance Data
• Troubleshooting Equipment Problems
• Troubleshooting Process Unit Problems
• Pneumatic Testing
• Equipment Trial Runs
• Optimizing Processes
• Inspecting Equipment Internals
• Reducing Operation Costs
• Implementing Lean Manufacturing
• P&ID’s
• Maintenance And Repair
• Technical Inspection
• Diagnostics
• Working With Various Contractors and Licensors
• Revision
• Engineering Process Control
• Replacement Of Devices, Fittings, Safety, and Emergency Devices, Alarm Systems, Fire Extinguishing, Equipment, and Pipelines
• Maintenance of the Technological Regime
• Accounting of Outlay and Consumption of Reagents
• Sampling
• Design Documentation Regulatory and Technical Documentation
• AutoCAD
• Yokogawa, Honeywell
• Maintenance Of Pressure Vessels Boilers, Hot Pipelines High-Risk Work and First Aid
• Management Of Pyrolysis Furnaces
• Repair Operations
• Installing Process Equipment
• Reviewing Equipment Drawings
• Working in a Process Safety Environment

• Bachelor’s degree, Chemical Engineering,


• Authorized to work anywhere in the US
• Willing to relocate anywhere in the US
• I have my work authorization and Social Security Card
• Green Card is expected in April or May 2023