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Chemical Engineer (65639) Masters / MBA / Automotive

Michigan based Chemical Engineer with 20 years of experience. He has an MBA, a Masters in Polymer Technology and two bachelors degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. His experience includes Compounding, Grinding, Mixing, Paint/Coating and Injection Molding operations.

He is highly skilled at applying statistical methods to manufacturing processes and lean principles to increase material flow, reducing bottlenecks, improving the process, and waste reduction. He has demonstrated ability to recognize, evaluate and drive equipment, process, and system issues to resolution. He has experience in production paint/coating operations and participated in special builds/test builds (pre-pro/prototype/trial runs), His hands-on approach of developing, evaluating, and improving manufacturing methods and processes and documenting results make him a strong candidate for your consideration. He is willing to relocate. His notable experience includes:


Master of Business Administration /
• Master of Science in Polymer & Coating Technology
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering
• Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry

• Supported process and maintenance activities consistent with departmental expectations and goals.
• Identified, communicated, and documented any difficulties relating to the product, process and/or quality system
• Initiated, recommended and provided solutions utilizing error-proofing techniques
• Tracked, recorded, and prepared management reports detailing process capability and trend analysis of key parameters
• Work with equipment suppliers to accurately collect application and performance data on new technology tested
• Documented any items of concern based on design and/or type of equipment use
Created Operator Control Record (OCRs) for daily pre-treatment checks
Created work instructions/procedures for specific tasks
• Conducted internal audit and prepared the paint line for external audits
Conducted risk assessments on all incoming chemicals
• Developed “Lessons Learned” from New Model launches
• Utilize manufacturing tools such as SPC, capability studies, motion/time measurement, and time study.
• Evaluate material flow and implement improvement to effectively support production.
Developed, evaluated, and improved manufacturing methods and processes and documented results.
• Introduced new statistical software to company (Minitab) to assist in monitoring key defects trends in final product.
Implemented best practices and new testing techniques in both plants for uniformity and consistency resulting in actual knowledge transfer for improving defects.
• Used lean manufacturing principle (Value Stream Mapping) to identify opportunities for the reduction of fabrication time on non-value-added time aimed at increasing material flow, reducing bottlenecks, improving the process, and waste reduction.

• Chemical Plant Operations
• Compounding Operations
• Extrusion Operations
• Molding Operations
• Engineering Team Management
• Polymers
• Sealants
• Oils
• Pigments
• Plastics
• Grinding
• Creating SOPs
• Process Safety Management
• Leading Problem-Solving Teams
• Using Statistical Process Control
• Analyzing Plant Data
• Monitoring Data Collection
• Troubleshooting Process Units
• Optimizing Processes
• Increasing Yield
• Training Operators
• Reducing Operation Costs
• Planning Plant Outages
• Troubleshooting Equipment
• Increasing Production Capacity
• Capital Project Execution
• Working with Plant Maintenance
• Mass Transfer Operations
• Process Flow Diagrams
• Energy Balances
• Heat Balances
• Heat Transfer Calculations
• Reducing Bottlenecks
• Fluid Flow Dynamics
• Pumping Head Calculations
• Pareto Analysis
• Metal Balances
• Design/evaluation of process unit operations
• Economic Planning
• Using Root Cause Analysis
• Implementing Lean Manufacturing
• P&ID’s
• Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
• Probabilistic Risk /PSA
• Reviewing Vendor Quotes
• Technical Writing
• Chemical Process Modeling
• AutoCAD
• MathCAD
• SPCC Software
• Minitab