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Automation Controls Engineer PE (76243) Masters in Engineering / Automotive Plants, Steel Mills, Lumber Mills, Paper Mills, Forge, Stamping, Chemical / Will Relo

Automation Controls Professional with 20+ years of experience as a process/project engineer developing automated systems for improving equipment effectiveness: improving availability, repeatability, and capacity. He has a Masters in Engineering from Purdue and is a registered Professional Engineer PE. His work often involved bringing new concepts into production and included elements of aerospace, electrical, industrial, and mechanical engineering in a variety of industries. Fred advised that his primary focus has been on continuously lowering the total cost of ownership /operation in manufacturing plants. He achieves this through automation, improved process control and monitoring, variation and waste reductions, statistical methods, reliability improvements, and workforce development as appropriate.

He possesses a broad technical skillset and he has completed multiple continuing education courses during his career. His industry experience includes Steel mills, automotive plants, paper mills, lumber mills, and more. His project leadership experience usually includes the entire project lifecycle from specification development and cost justification, analysis, design, documentation, vendor coordination, operator training, installation, and 24×7 support. This Game Changer brings a lot to the table and is a great addition to any manufacturing operation. He has completed an assignment with Rockwell Automation and is looking for a new opportunity. His notable experience includes:

• Support 24/7 shop floor operations (PLC, HMI, SCADA) at XXXXX Forge.
• Support process equipment validation and qualification in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.
• Support plant operations and spearhead project to replace discontinued control equipment (PLCs, HMIs, drives) without adding downtime to manufacturing operations. Some robot integration.
• PLC specialist on corporate support team for multi-tier, integrated production control system in all North American FCA assembly plants.
• Develop PLC-based controls to coordinate drives for a Navy boat handling system to respond to wave action during loading/unloading operations.
• I supported about 20 steel mills in the US and Canada, with a variety of controls (processors and HMIs) vendors, primarily Rockwell, Siemens, and General Electric, plus Invensys
• Rework PLC and HMI programs to enable $M/yr. yield improvement via variation reductions without requiring capital or downtime.
• Coordinate with internal and vendor personnel on techniques and technology to allow the Beaumont mill to do a 10-day control system conversion during a scheduled 4-day outage.
I supported about 120 work cells, cutting, drilling, bending, machining, forming, assembling, finishing, inspecting, and shipping parts.
• Reworked HMI of Boeing best practice Shop Floor Control/Factory Scheduling System to add interactive SQL query capability to improve the timeliness of data to cell operators (via cgi/browser)
• Managed, from concept, successful design and installation of a multi-station, plant floor, and material tracking system within six weeks after the order was placed (and for $500,000 or 60% less than MIS estimate). The system used bar codes for both internal trackings and to satisfy customer requirements.
Developed weight controls with 10-fold better accuracy than previous logic with the same equipment.
• Provided PLC system startup times one-fifth of those normally experienced by the plant.
Led commissioning and controls modification of green field engineered wood manufacturing plant (15 controllers, 10+ HMI stations, and VAX-based SCADA networked to operate a single process line)

Steel Mills
• Automotive Parts Manufacturing
• Automotive OEMs
• Paper / Packaging Manufacturing
• Stamping Operations
• Material Manufacturing
• Lumber Mills

• Process Control
• Project Management
• Providing Maintenance Support
• Automation Design
• Troubleshooting
• Replacing Older Equipment, Discontinued PLC-5s, With Modern Equipment.
• Presses
• Ensuring High Availability
• Kaizen Specialist/Lean/Six Sigma
• Data Management, Analysis, Integration
• Mistake Proofing
• PLCs – Rockwell, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omran
• Process Automation
• Control Logic
• Industrial Automation
• Electrical Engineering
• HMI Human Machine Interface
• Instrumentation
• DCS – Rockwell Pax
• Managing Automation Projects
• Motion Control
• Conveyors
• Industrial Ovens
• Arc Furnaces
• Electronics
• Loop Tuning
• Wiring Diagrams
• Signal Integrity
• Block Diagrams
• Sensors
• Robotics
• Ethernet/IP
• Control Systems
• Upgrading Equipment
• Analog
• Control Systems Design
• Control Panels
• Team Building
• Non-Contact Measurement (Laser, Visual, Thermographic)
• ERP System
• AC/DC Motors
• Feedback Control
• Circuit Analysis
• AutoCAD
• Root Cause Analysis
• Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

• M.S., Engineering; Purdue University; Major: Automatic Controls; Minor: Machine Design
• B.S., Aerospace Engineering; Georgia Institute of Technology

• Third-generation languages: ALGOL, BASIC, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL
• Fourth generation languages: DATATRIEVE, FOCUS, IMAGE, PICK, RAMIS, SAS, SQL
• CAE tools: AutoCAD, Rockwell Automation AI & RSLogix, System Architect, System Builder
• Programmable Controllers: Allen-Bradley PLC-2,-3,-5, SLC, ControlLogix, minor GE, Omron, TI
• SCADA packages: SETCON and SETCIM from Setpoint, 7890 from Allen-Bradley, Ignition, Indusoft
• HMI packages: InTouch (Wonderware), AdvisorPC, Control View, PanelView, FactoryTalk View ME/SE
• Operating systems: OS/390(MVS), CMS, Pick, RT-11, UNIX, VMS, Windows
• Desktop tools: Access, Acrobat, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, Word


• Quality Management series, Roane State
• Managing Computer Projects (SDLC), Battelle Institute
• Deming and Crosby Quality Training, while at Veratec
• Kepner Tregoe Problem Solving training, while at Veratec
• Value Engineering, USAF-ECI
• Toyota Production System training, while at Boeing
• Introduction to Robotics, Piedmont Technical College
• Programmable Controllers: Allen-Bradley PLC-2, -3, and -5, Advisor, Intelligent I/O, Data Highway, RS-Logix 5000 (through Level 4 and including motion control), GE Proficy
• HMI: Wonderware, LabVIEW, FactoryTalk View, Ignition
• Vision Systems: Cognex, PPT Vision
• SAS Classes: Programming, Report Writing, SQL, Web Enablement series (5 classes)
• VAX Schools: System Manager, Pathworks, Network Management
• Licensed Professional Engineer (Georgia, PE015068)