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Environmental Compliance Manager (194903) / Award Winning / Multi-site

Environmental Compliance Manager with 9 years of experience working in the mining & metals industry. He is a 2-time winner of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Greenlands Award and is a recipient of the Maryland Department of Environment Land Reclamation Award and several other Environment awards.

He even developed an iPad APP for tracking environmental data. He is currently employed as an Environmental Compliance Manager. He advised that his company is winding down operations and his role is going to be eliminated.

• Developed solar-powered environmental monitoring systems.
• Compliance with Clean Air Act for all sites
• Compliance with 18 NPDES and CWA permits for all sites.
• Compliance with RCRA, TSCA, TRI, EPCRA, petroleum storage, Maryland’s oil operations program, SWPPP, and SPCC plans
• Assisting with permitting, and obtaining permits such as waterways construction and oil operations permits
• 34 SMRCA permits compliance and sampling.
• Negotiating with state agencies on permit language and conditions.
• Inspections and compliance for SPCC, RCRA, SWPPP, CD, and CMS
• Maintaining certifications for Opacity, EMT-M, Industrial Wastewater II, and DOT Hazardous Waste
• Groundwater Well monitoring
• Developing working relationships with State and Federal regulators
• Opacity testing
• Assisting engineering staff with inspections
• 7 CAA compliance and sampling
• Enforcing EPA Regulations
• Hazardous Waste Management
• Environmental Control Plans
• Mining Operations
• TSCA Regulations
• Team Leadership
• Multi Plant / Facility Responsibility
• Negotiating With Regulatory Agencies
• Spill Prevention
• Toxic Release Inventory
• State agency reporting
• State Commission on Environmental Quality
• TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) regulations
• Stormwater Management
• Storage Tank Permitting
• Construction Environmental Permitting
• NPDES and CWA permits
• Federal / State Reporting

Industrial Wastewater II
• MD Industrial Wastewater II certified Opacity Testing
• Visual opacity certified

Project Management
• Managing and coordinating with Contractors
• Managing on-time supply of needed materials on projects with tight site footprints
• Managing large capital projects to make sure they are completed safely, on time, and on budget.
• Communicating with management on the daily progress of projects progression.

• EPA sampling protocol
• GHG sampling protocol
• Groundwater well sampling protocol
• Dust and gas sampling techniques

Laboratory Experience
• Analytical testing techniques
• Maintaining detailed records of experimental data
• Statistical analysis and summaries of data using personal computers and software packages
• Managing laboratory environments

Awards received

• West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and WVCA Greenlands Award
• Maryland Department of the Environment Land Reclamation Award
• Regional – Department of the Interior OSMRE – ARRI FRA Excellence in Reforestation Award
• ARRI FRA reforestation Maryland award
• Maryland Reclamation Award
• West Virginia Coal Association Excellence in Refuse Reclamation Award
• Presidents Environmental Achievement Award – Winner
• West Virginia Coal Association Excellence in Surface Mine Reclamation

EducationB.S. Biology