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Cleveland EHS Manager (219948) CSHM / Chemical, Pharma, Automotive / Stamping, Machining, Assembly / Multi-site / Permitting, Training, Program Development

Cleveland area Environmental, Health & Safety professional with a proven track record of implementing & managing successful safety & workers’ compensation systems in fast-paced, highly competitive environments. He has a degree in Biology from Kent State, is a Certified Health and Safety Manager CSHM, and is a Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing Trainer.

He has a strong history of lowering accidents/injuries, workers’ compensation claims, and premium costs. He has managed EHS programs for 13 facilities in 6 countries to meet company business objectives. He is a veteran in managing all aspects of workers’ compensation from claim filing through return to work.

This Game Changer can hit the floor running to design/implement programs that will reduce recordables, lower costs and achieve safety goals while keeping your site and permits in compliance! He is currently employed but the company is undergoing a restructuring and he is looking for a more stable environment with a manufacturing company. This EHS Leader brings a big bag of EHS tools, experience, and most importantly an award-winning track record of success. He has achieved millions of hours worked with no lost time industry. He had been recognized for his achievements by his employers. This is an opportunity to raise the bar with an EHS Leader who is a proven performer. His exceptional experience includes:

• Skilled in implementing safety improvement, employee incentives, and recognition programs.
• History of managing multiple safety & environmental initiatives
• Human Resources Generalist and Fleet Management experience, offering employers added capability beyond EH&S.
• Ability to transition easily between corporate executives and hourly employees.
ESH Manager for 13 facilities in 6 countries.
• Responsible for all EHS aspects in the turn-around effort of 790 employees unionized Wooster, Grand Rapids, and Clyde, Ohio metal stamping facilities.
• Lead a team of 5
• Created new safety orientation program for all temporary and direct hires.
o New employee incident rate dropped by 40% since the program’s inception
• Directed return to work program and workers’ compensation claim management program for all facilities.
o Over 1.5 million man hours worked without lost time injury since Sept. 2019.
• 2021 – Added responsibility for managing EHS for 3 tooling/automation facilities in Michigan.
Managed all aspects of employee safety and workers’ compensation for companies – three subsidiaries, each employing a remote workforce totaling 1300 employees in 46 states.
• Taught NSC defensive driving classes to 1000+ employees nationwide to lower vehicle incidents & accident costs.
• Created hazard-specific safety tailboards, newsletters, and trade magazine articles for three companies.
Lowered company TRIR by 75% (2009: 4.8 – 2018: 1.2) while the company quadrupled in size.
Managed Fleet Department growth from 300-750 vehicles
Reduced Workers’ Comp claim costs by $268,000 (05-08)
• 2008: Plant earned President’s Award for working 1 year without a lost time injury. (Total: 447 days w/o lost time)
• Reduced accident costs by 42% from 1999 to 2003.

4+ million hours worked w/o lost time injury – awarded “Best Record” in Rubber mfg. SIC code by National Safety Council.
• Awarded Leon Frederick Corporate Safety Award in 1998, 1999, and 2000 for best division safety performance.
• Responsible for compliance and employee training for all applicable OSHA, DOT, and EPA regulations in a chemical manufacturing environment of 120 employees.
• Coordinated permits to Install / Operate new process equipment.
• Managed air monitoring program, TRI, SARA Title III reporting, and air emissions reports.

• Multi-site EHS
• Chemical Plant Operations
• Machining Operations
• Assembly Operations
• Heavy Industrial Manufacturing
• Metal Stamping Operations
• Automotive Manufacturing
• Warehouse Operations
• Pharma Operations
• Unionized Plants
• Working Plant Turnarounds
• Change Management
• Training Contractors On Site
• Team Leadership
• Identifying compliance gaps
• Identifying ergonomic issues
• Plant floor experience
• Risk Assessments
• Design Of Plans / Programs
• EH&S Software
• Liaison With State / Federal Regulatory Agencies
• State / Federal Reporting
• Administering MSDS program
• Change Management
• Chemical Inventory program
• Emergency Response
• Environmental Compliance
• Air Permitting Compliance
• Title V Emissions
• Negotiating With Regulatory Agencies
• NPDES permits
• RCRA Permitting
• Underground Storage Permitting UST
• Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPP)
• EPA Regulations / State Regulations
• Government regulations
• SARA Compliance
• Hazardous Waste Management
• Identifying compliance gaps
• Internal Audits
• ISO14000, ISO14001 standards
• Managing Exposure Programs
• Manufacturing Plants
• Product Regulatory Information
• Risk Assessments
• Selecting personal protection equipment
• Supervising Teams
• Soil Pollution
• State agency reporting
• TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) Regulations
• Lowering Company TRIR
• Reducing Workers Comp Claim Costs
• Reducing Accident Costs
• Hazardous Waste Management
• Training Contractors
• Safety Audits
• Safety Team Leadership
• Establishing Safety Goals
• Safety Awards / Recognition
• Improving Safety Performance
• Maintaining Safety Records / Metrics
• Organizing / Scheduling Safety Meetings
• Lockout / Tagout Procedures
• Root Cause Analysis
• Confined Space Safety Standards
• Safety Management Information Systems
• New Employee Orientation
• Equipment Safety Training
• Coordinating Fall Protection Program
• Respirator Training
• S.T.O.P. Safety Training Operators Program

• Bachelor of Science – Biology / Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

• Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing Trainer
• Industrial Hygiene training – Ohio BWC Division of Safety & Hygiene
• OSHA 40-hour Hazardous waste/Emergency operations certification
• DOT HM-181 Hazardous Material & First Responder training
• Human Resource Generalist Training
• Certified Health and Safety Mgr. – IHMM
• Authorized OSHA/Cal OSHA General Industry Trainer
• Certified Nat Safety Council