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Sales Engineer (199316) OEMs – Distribution /Power Transmission / Mechatronics / Imagineer

“Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips.” See how others are praising this Extreme Sales Talent!

“He was exceptionally knowledgeable and responsive, plus he displayed creative & flexible thinking (cliche “out of the box”) and immediately understood my interest in these products’ performance & capabilities. Good sales engineers need to understand applications, and he does!”

“He is a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional business development specialist in industrial automation. He helped me identify key markets, accounts, and close new business in very challenging environments. I highly endorse and recommend him for a sales development/management position!”

“He knows the competition, understands all the different technologies, and how to compete against them. he is a strong closer when it comes to large OEM opportunities!”

“He has a knack for making his product “larger than life” and getting his OEM base excited about the product!”

“When he walks into a room the energy level goes up. He is a highly motivated lead by example type “A” person. He is smarter and works harder. This is why he has had such success taking business from larger competitors”

“He is capable, responsive, and has superior sales and customer skills!”

He is a go-getter who tempers his energy with common sense and practicality. At the same time, he is able to “think outside the box” creatively and achieve results beyond expectation. I highly recommend him!”

  • Recognized as the “Go to Guy” with consistent turn-a-round & start-up achievements.
  • Introduced hypoid/helical gearing to US market recognizing and emphasizing advantages of increased efficiency in multiple industrial and commercial applications.
  • Overcame resistance to change and industry perceived standards by promoting imagination in engineering and the advantages of innovation.
  • Recruited, trained, and managed independent rep salesforce across America.  
  • Producing a proven track record of YOY record growth and nationally respected brands by diversifying the customer base and industries.
  • Extensive motion-control, mechatronics experience maximizing sales growth. Extensive focus on food-bev / restaurant, medical, packaging, material handling OEMs among many others.
  • Industrial sales, mechatronics, power transmission, motion control; motors, gearing, gearmotors, AC/DC, PMAC, BLDC motor controllers, bearings, belts chain etc.
  • Developed a unique value add custom QR coding program for labels, which eliminated large costs to clients in all industries.
  • Delivered $5M in incremental pipeline projects within the first 12 months.
  • Won initial pizza oven business for an initial order of 1500 motors and began negotiations on next order for 7000 motors
  • Won $1.1M Norton pedestrian door operator motors and had 2 more projects pending which would double the business.
  • Eliminated parts and in-house assembly from existing designs of potential clients to add value, cut manufacturing costs and win business.
  • Took $700k from a competitor while winning the dock lock business and expanded it to $1.2M / year
  • Developed a gearbox for a medical new cancer treatment equipment that was adopted by the client.
  • Eliminated the competition for the Oxygen Concentrator Phillips business with a unique design worth $535k.
  • Started with no customers, no sales, and no brand recognition.
  • Implemented value add solutions and expanded into EC motor assemblies specifically for air handling applications.
  • Result: over $12mm in project RFQ’s and over $2.7mm annually in production at my departure.
  • Visionary start-up team member challenged with a lack of brand recognition.
  • Strategically identified multiple OEM target industries & individual accounts
  • Countered resistance to change with benefits of innovation.
  • Changed marketplace with innovations driving new benchmarks
  • Exponential success as client competition was forced to keep up with innovation as well as our own competitor’s copying us.
  • Multiplied sales efforts at smaller OEMs & end-users
  • Enabled a more simplified & widely accepted product transition and implementation
  • Result: Nationally Respected Brand with 100’s of Customers & Over $20M Annual Sales
  • Tripled territory sales while simultaneously increasing GM.
  • Recipient of President’s Award “Thank You for Making Our Company Profitable Again”


  • B2B
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Creating Strategic Joint Ventures
  • Coordinating With Company Engineering Teams on Potential Products
  • Identifying Opportunities for Manufactured Parts / Components
  • Identifying / Targeting Market Opportunities
  • Making Sales Calls to Engineering Groups
  • Selling to C Level Decision Makers
  • Selling Engineered to Order Products
  • Supporting new Product Production Requirements
  • Developing Key Accounts
  • Selling to Operations, Engineering, Marketing) of Major OEM Companies
  • Conducting Product Line Pricing
  • Managing Exit Plans to Support New Business
  • Prepare / Negotiate Sales Contracts
  • Cold Calling
  • Market Research
  • Developing Pilot Programs
  • Provide Competitive Intelligence
  • Materials / Labor Price Positioning
  • Creating Value Added Services Strategy
  • Targeting Industry Segments
  • Improving ROI On Projects
  • Eliminating Unnecessary Scrap, Material, Labor from Products
  • Ability to Assess the Financial Impact of Deals
  • Exceeding Growth Targets, Sales Goals