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King of Controls (76368) Senior Controls Engineer / Automotive Automation

We all know that manufacturing has become highly complex and automated. Robots, vision systems, Conveyors, CNC, test equipment, are just some of these systems! They can be the holy grail for running a profitable manufacturing operation or your worst nightmare when it doesn’t work!! BUT NOT TO WORRY, because we know a highly skilled automation engineer, Siemens controls engineer or programmer with an impressive track record in supporting manufacturing operations. He uses the latest versions of Siemens software or Allen Bradley to troubleshoot/debug using the latest version of studio 5000. He has multiple automation industry certifications under his belt. He has supported OEMs including Ford, BMW, GM, Chrysler, VW, Tesla as well as Tier 1 such as Gestamp Benteler for automation for new production lines, critical plant breakdowns, troubleshooting, and software/equipment upgrades.

Although most of his history is in the automotive sector, he has successfully completed automation assignments in other industries as well. When it comes to solving your automation challenges, HE CAN DO IT ALL. One look at his resume will confirm this fact. He just completed a year long project and is looking for his next challenge!

• Assisted OEM contractors with the logistics of machine setup, I helped Intensively with c
Responsibilities also included inspecting and verification of all Final documentation and PLC/robot programming updates for the 11 cells.
• Responsible for the direction for repairs during critical breakdowns That may occur during daily production runs.
I would support production during critical breakdowns for all Gear machining operations (CNC) and all automation that use Siemens controllers and devices.
• I would assist other Chrysler EEs with ongoing and new projects using Siemens software/equipment and devices.
• Responsible for the installation, programming, robot interface, HMI development and commissioning of the conveyor line that installed the sharkfin antenna on the X3, X4 & X5 SUV.
• Responsibilities involved designing, developing and implementing Siemens PLC code, designing and installing the hardware, HMI development and programming, following up with all documentation ongoing and final, ensuring that all safety. Protocol and safety procedures were followed
• Created logic calls for the new robot program in the interface sequence between the robots of all 3 cells to run the new program and configure the new robot hardware configuration for the ABB robots as well as the new hardware for the PLC.
• Supported production issues on the new line after the install during the support period of the contract and take corrective action by writing or debugging new code.
• Helped with tooling changes and modified the Keyence visions systems to look at the correct build of the strut assembly.
• My main function on the second project was to assist GM controls engineers in their final assembly plant located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Assisted with programming the conveyor system for a tire inflate/balance system for the tires assembled on GM SUV’s.
Responsibilities included writing sequence specifications for new assembly and test machine builds writing the core programming blocks for new machine builds.

• Responsible for developing, ordering and maintaining critical parts for new and existing machines.
Worked closely with the kaizen department to determine cycle times for new machines and what could be done to lower cycle times for existing machines.

• Automotive Manufacturing Automation
• Material Handling Robots
• Medical Equipment
• HMI – Human Machine Interface
• CNC Machines
• PCs
• X-Ray Equipment
• CNC Machines
• Automated Conveyor Systems
• Hydraulic systems
• Pneumatic systems
• Keyence Vision systems
• Material Handling Robots
• New Production Line Installations
• Documentation Packages
• Equipment Upgrades
• Setup Automation
• Testing
• Troubleshooting Plant
• Debugging Equipment
• Automation
• Creating Automation and Fault Logic
• Field Checkout / Commissioning
• Kaizens
• Integration
• Instrumentation
• AutoCAD
• Solidworks
• WinCC Flexible Software
• HMI – Human Machine Interface
• Field Checkout / Commissioning
• Ordering / Maintaining Critical Parts
• Java
• Python
• Siemens PLC S7
• Siemens PCS7
• Siemens S7-1200
• Siemens S7-300
• Siemens TIA
• Allen Bradley PLCs
• Siemens PLCs
• Savant
• ABB Robots
• Fanuc Robots


• Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering DeVry University


• S7 – 1200 TIA System Certification (SCT-S712TP1A) / Issuing authority Siemens SITRAN / May 2015 No Expiration Date
• Siemens TIA Portal Level 1 Programming Certification / Issuing authority Siemens SITRAN / May 2015 No Expiration Date
• Siemens S7 Troubleshooting Automotive Industry I (SCT-AU300S1A) / Issuing authority Siemens SITRAN / May 2013 No Expiration Date
• Siemens S7 Troubleshooting Automotive Industry II (SCT-AU300S2A) / Issuing authority Siemens SITRAN / May 2013 No Expiration Date
• SLC500 Programming (CCPS41) / Issuing authority Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley / Jul 2011 No Expiration Date
• Siemens HMI WinCC Flexible Certification / Issuing authority Siemens SITRAN / Apr 2011 No Expiration Date