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Controls Engineer (222711) a Certified Control Systems Technician® and a Certified Robot Integrator (RIA) / Licensed Electrician / Automotive Mfg., Machining operations, Assembly operations, Heat treat operations, Conveyor systems, Shipping automation, Chemical operations

OH-based Controls Engineer and Licensed Electrician with broad equipment, technology, and software skills and experience.  He can do it all from designing new automation, creating the drawings, and then installing it.  He is skilled in upgrading equipment and reverse engineering outdated equipment.  He has performed a lot of one-off custom machinery automation. He worked with a Manufacturing Automation Integrator and was supporting several different plants each week. He has traveled around the US supporting clients. This included automotive manufacturing, machining operations, assembly operations, heat treatment operations, conveyor systems, shipping automation, and chemical operations. He has an Associates degree in Automation Engineering and is a Certified Control Systems Technician® and a Certified Robot Integrator (RIA). He has a 2-year non-compete when he was laid off for COVID. For the last couple of months, he cared for his terminally ill mother.  He is now free of the non-compete and ready to go to work.  


·         PLC programing: (Ladder logic, Function Block, C+) PC programing C+, Android, Microsoft Visual Studio,
·         Electrical: Read/Write wiring diagrams (line, ladder logic, Component)
·         Sensing: contact/non-contact, analog/digital, vision systems
·         Micro PLCs/VFDs Temperature controllers
·         Software: Autodesk AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Rockwell automation, Omron, Siemens, IDEC, Schneider/Modicon, Fanuc (Robots & G&M), Windows Office, Visual Studio,
         PLC Programming / Troubleshooting
         Allen Bradley PLCs
         ABB PLCs
         Rockwell PLCs
         Siemens PLCs
         Honeywell PLCs
         OMRON PLCs
         Schneider Electric
         GE PLCs
         Keyence PLCs
         KOYO PLCs
         Modicon Quantum PLCs
         Fixed Automation
         Programmable Automation
         Flexible Automation
         Machining Transfer Lines
         Automatic Assembly Machines
         Automated Transfer Lines
         DCS – Distributed Control System
         HMI – Human Machine Interface
         SCADA – Supervisory Control and Upgrading Analog to Digital Systems
         Upgrading Digital Control / Monitoring Systems
         Industrial Process Automation Integration
         Configures/Tests/Debugs System Network and Data Acquisition Equipment Designs
         Raid Arrays
         Designing Interface Cabling and Custom Adapter Designs
         Mapping of Signal Inputs for Cards
         Analog Input / Output Cards
         Digital Input / Output Cards
         Developing Cabinet Drawing Layouts
         Developing IO Layout Drawings
         I/O Hardware
         Variable frequency drives VFDs
         X-Ray Equipment
         Spray Systems
         Programming / Repairing CNC Machines
         Servo Systems
         Automated Conveyor Systems
         Furnace Controls
         Industrial Ovens
         Fluid Dispensing Controls
         Analog / Digital circuits
         Hydraulic systems
         Pneumatic systems
         Optical Inspection
         Vision systems
         CNC Controllers
         FlexPicker Robots
         Fanuc Robots
         Material Handling Robots
         Painting Robots
         Assembly Robots
         Palletizing Robots
         Control System Design
         Drive Configuration
         Equipment Design / Build
         Equipment Upgrades
         Fluid Control Automation
         Machine Control
         Motor Control
         Field Checkout / Commissioning
         Validation Plan
         3D CAD
         Autodesk Inventor
         Ethernet IP
         HMI Programs
         Honeywell Control Systems
         Siemens PLC S7
         SolidWorks 3D modeling


        Associate Degree in Automation Engineering 2015, Certification in Electronics, With PC/IT and networking as secondary fields of study / 
        2 courses to complete Associates in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering 
        2 classes to complete my Bachelors Degree in Mathematics at Akron University
        Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST) from Lorain County Community College, Lorain, Ohio
        Certified Robot Integrator (RIA) from Lorain County Community College, Lorain, Ohio
        Programmable Logic Controllers Technician (PLC) Certificate from Lorain County Community College, Lorain, Ohio
        Licensed Electrician