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Controls Automation Engineer (221840) BSEE / Hot Rolling Mill, Melt Shop, Cold Roll, Custom Ore Milling, Hot Strip /

Automation Controls Engineer with 20+ years of supporting metals and steel manufacturing. He is an Electrical Engineer with a BS from Kettering. He is skilled at leveraging IT & automation hardware to improve processes and drive cost savings in this highly competitive industry. This high-impact Automation Engineer leverages software & automation hardware to improve OEE and throughput to deliver bottom-line results.

He is highly skilled at solving manufacturing challenges as well as improving and maintaining the performance and reliability of legacy systems. He is a Team player capable of working on group projects as well as individually. He has broad experience assessing issues and providing automated solutions to the metals industry. His impressive skills include:

Provided lead support for Primary (Melt Shop) facilities automation hardware and software.
o Caster Level 2 Upgrades: implemented Cut Length Optimization Logic and Tundish Mix Model integration. The system was re-engineered to meet the requirements of a new hot mill and scheduling system, and dispositioned mixed steel and off-grade material automatically, avoiding time-consuming chemistry checks.
o Caster Mold Width Control: replaced outdated control hardware with a new system using Profinet communications to servo drives, eliminating failures that resulted in overly wide product and/or aborted production.
o Power Demand Control: specified/installed system to track/estimate/limit/report power usage, reducing power costs.
o PLC Migration: migrated PLC hardware from obsolete GE Series Six to current generation 90-70 technology.
o AOD Upgrades: installed Cimplicity HMI, DC2000 Drives, and additive feeder/conveyor system.
o Arc Furnace Upgrades: replaced arc regulation system, installed Cimplicity HMI and Level 2 system.
o Trim Station/Preheater HMI Upgrade: consolidated existing trim station and preheater controls into existing AOD PLC with Cimplicity HMI. Utilized gateways to control wire feeders that were leased.

• PLC: GE (RX3I, 90-70, 90-30, and Series Six), Opto22 PACControl, GEC GEM80, Allen-Bradley PLC-5 and PLC-2
• Drives: GE DC2000, AF600, DC300, and Siltron; Rexroth Indramat, Rockwell PowerFlex 70
• HMI Software/Hardware: GE Cimplicity and QuickPanel, Opto22 PACDisplay and OptoTerminals, FactoryLink
• High-Speed Data Acquisition: ibaPDA and ibaLogic, Reflective Memory
• Windows Workstation: MS-DOS through Windows 8.1, Microsoft Office and AutoCAD
• Windows Server: NT through Server 2012R2, including Hyper-V Virtualization
• Development Platforms: Visual Studio 6 and .Net (Basic and C#)
• Databases: Microsoft SQL, Ingres (Interactive and Embedded SQL)
• Other Operating Systems / Technology: SLES Linux, AIX, HPUX, VMS; RS/6000, DEC VAX, NCD/Tektronix X-Terminals
• Networking Hardware: Cisco and Nortel Switches, Various Wireless Access Points and Terminal Servers
• Structured Cabling: Fiber, UTP and Coax
• Video Surveillance: Acuity-VCT Software, Various Network Cameras
• Telephony: Lucent Phone Switch and Voice Mail

• Steel Mill
• Melt Shop
• Hot Strip Mill
• Server Virtualization
• Caster Mold Width Control
• Tank Farm Integration
• Power Demand Control
• ALC Integration
• PLC Migration
• Caster Level 2 Upgrades
• Production Reporting Integration
• Arc Furnace Upgrades
• Trim Station/Preheater HMI Upgrade
• Core And Edge Switches
• Configuration/Debug Of Shop Floor Hardware
• Design/Installation Of New Equipment
• Support Of Existing Facilities.
• Coilbox System
• PLC software
• Acceptance Testing
• Cold/Hot Commissioning
• Reliability Improvements
• Relay Logic
• HMI software


Kettering University, Flint, MI. / Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering